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A string of jet-skis being towed by a motorcycle with sidecar in Patong

Patong Two-Way Traffic Hopes Crushed as Police Reject Mayor's Plea

Friday, December 4, 2015
PHUKET: Patong's one-way system seemed destined to stay because of opposition to restoring the two-way traffic, Mayor Chalermlak Kebsub told a council meeting today.

''I would like to see the two-way syatem restored,'' she said at the west coast tourist hub's municipal offices. ''But the new Phuket police commander flatly rejects the idea, just as the previous commander did.''

Returning to two-ways in Patong would produce nothing but chaos, the mayor said she had been told by the Phuket commander.

''He says the roads are far too narrow for a two-way system and so we have to be content with the one-way,'' she said.

The mayor said she was told by the commander that the residents could help to make the one-way system more effective by parking cars and motorcycles only where they were supposed to park.


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"by parking cars and motorcycles only where they were supposed to park". And who "the commander" suppose should be in charge to check and fine cars and motorcycles that park where supposed not park??

Posted by dave on December 4, 2015 19:05


What happened to the plan to reverse the one way direction?
Chalk another victory up to the tuk-tuk drivers.

Posted by sir burr on December 4, 2015 19:23


One way on the Beach- and RatUThit Rd. should be reversed to counter clockwise.
Then all the connecting sois could be two way streets without any problems.

The sois was converted to one ways, because of turn right - keep right. The only streets in Thailand with right driving, which didn't work very well.

That resulted in miles of driving for going to the next door shop, also not very smart except for the earning of the tuk-tuk business.

Reverse the driving direction - turn left - keep left and a lot of unnecessary traffic will vanish. Elementary dear Watson.

Posted by Sherlock on December 4, 2015 19:41


yep, if the commander and his merry men were doing there job there would not be people parking where they are not supposed to.
Despite that think he is right about the one way system, beach road used to be even more choatic than it is

Posted by Michael on December 4, 2015 19:42


Reversing the flow of traffic would help the connecting sois but would cause untold traffic nightmares at the new "dolphin roundabout" and the junction by the blue ocean hotel where traffic would have to cross opposing traffic flow where at the moment it filters staying on the same side. Reversing the traffic flow would be an utter nonsense and I hope it never happens

The mayor is quite correct that two way traffic should be reintroduced which would mean the taxis can no longer park all the way along the beach road. That's the real reason no one will allow it to happen.

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 4, 2015 23:27


If Police did their job, their wouldn't be a problem with the traffic.

Simple Solution to a more complicated problem.

Posted by Tbs on December 5, 2015 02:29


If the police were doing their job they would move all the illegal taxis off either side of the road and the tuk tuks, especially those near to the Tai Pan where they make it almost single file.
Then they would have enough space for two lines, but they want an easy life and no confrontation with the mafia, useless ! !

Posted by LES on December 5, 2015 02:50

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