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Fireworks and 'Tonight! Tonighht! Tonighhht!' trucks are banned in Patong

Patong Bans Crackers and Tonight Trucks

Sunday, September 7, 2014
PHUKET: The Mayor of Patong has banned loudspeaker pickups touting ''Tonight! Tonighht! Tonighhht!'' Muay Thai events from the holiday hub's streets and is urging Phuket resorts to help prevent explosive firecrackers from breaching the tranquility of the holiday island.

Mayor Chalermlak Kebsub told Phuketwan this week that her aim was to reduce needless noise on Phuket that rankled residents and most tourists and only benefitted a few - the thai boxing venues, and the firecracker vendors.

''I signed the local regulation outlawing unnecessary noise on July 2,'' she said. ''But I need the help of resorts to beat the firecracker vendors.''

She said she will make the rounds of resorts and ask them all to prepare printed slips informing their guests that firecrackers on the beaches or elsewhere are illegal and extremely annoying late at night for people trying to relax or sleep.

''A few resorts actually put on displays for their guests, which only encourages people to do the wrong thing.''

She noted that vendors on the beaches are hard to catch. Warnings posted at resort dinner spots close to the beaches appear to be effective in dissuading guests from paying vendors to fire skyrockets.

Soon it could be a case of Tonight! Tonighht! Tonighhht! everybody gets to sleep.

Amplified pickups on Phuket that wish to work the streets during elections or to promote community events are obliged to seek permission first.


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Bummed out, bummed out, bummed out!

The tonight truck is a Patong institution. It won't be Patong without it.

What's next? No more rap concerts from the tuk-tuks...maybe limit tuk-tuks to a maximum of 10 speakers...

Posted by Tyler on September 7, 2014 12:30


Does this ban also extend to the 'combs' or sky lanterns, that were previously supposedly banned, but which were periodically seen rising from some resorts in Kata & Karon last time I visited?

Posted by Logic on September 7, 2014 12:38

Editor Comment:

They're still banned.


Another step in the right direction. Those muay thai trucks are a severe noise pollution, and a traffic hazard too. I so hope the order is fully enforced.

Posted by jimbo34 on September 7, 2014 12:53


These are two really good things for Patong. Both of these , the "tonight tonight" stupid pick up driving around causing traffic jams and annoying everyone have been driving me mad for 10 years. Also the fireworks waking me up every night sometimes at 3 and 4 am , well done that Mayor

Posted by Peter on September 7, 2014 12:58


Advertising by most means is annoying, trucks, billboards, papers in your mail and of course even websites.

I support the Mayor but will the locals?

Posted by Tbs on September 7, 2014 13:06


Excellent. Wish this would be implemented island wide. Noise pollution from trucks promoting who knows what pass through here several times per day. Many also launch fireworks smack in the middle of a residential area with no regard whatsoever to their neighbors.

Posted by Herbert on September 7, 2014 13:21


Now over to phase II: Motorbikes with illegally modified exhaust pipes. Can you imagine how nice it would be without those?

Posted by BeerChang on September 7, 2014 14:08


This is great news. The tonight, tonight, trucks do congest the traffic for sure and it would be brilliant if trucks and lorries and other large vehicles were only allowed to be on the roads at certain times of the day. It would also help reduce traffic congestion and reduce accidents. Well done to The Mayoress of Patong. Phuket is becoming very sabai sabai.

Posted by irishkev on September 7, 2014 14:34


This is terrific news but enforcing the fireworks is the key as they are blown off quite often in the wee hours along the beach....I'd also like to see her do something about the neighborhood bars along Nanai that have no problem blasting their music at all hours keeping residents awake

Posted by sky on September 7, 2014 14:35


This sounds great, now ... like all the other great ideas.Who is going to be the enforcer ?

Posted by Zig on September 7, 2014 15:01


Whilst fireworks never ever bothered me ( and I live close to the beach ), the tonight-trucks have been a pain in the b... for years now. And dangerous, too. Finally, they will be gone. Apart from the trucks however, I don't see Patong noisier than other fun-holiday destinations around the world. Luckily it's still not a rest home for the 70+

Posted by Resident on September 7, 2014 15:18


I think its sad the muay thai-trucks are forbiden since its a part of the atmoshere here and many tourists are talking about them as a funny and different memory.

Maybe we who lives here sometimes finds them anoying, but I never heard them driving around late at night destrying peoples sleep.

Regarding the fireworks I think its good to forbid them after midnight since they are detroying peoples sleep when going on at 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 am.
Most people likes to view fireworks, so let them continue until midnight.

The important question is when there going to be a stop for jet skis and parasailing?

Those things are realy destroying the imagine of a beautiful and tranquil beach.

Always when walking along Patong Beach there are parasailing operators suddenly starting to shout and geticualte forcing everyone that is peacefuly enjoying a stroll on the beach to run out of the way of a parachute coming down from the sky...

Same with the jet skis. The noice and smell of them are all over the beach, from early morning until late evening...

Posted by PhuketFriendly on September 7, 2014 15:20


There was a story told to me last year of a couple living in Patong. When their baby started talking, both parents waited to hear the first words spoken. Would it be daddy or mommy?
When baby uttered his first words, they were, " tonight... tonight."
I believe the parents are still furious, but they do laugh about it now.

Posted by Graham on September 7, 2014 19:49


Very funny to me.. And what about karaoke bar around Chalong circle make loud music till 6am? And what about bar and discos in Rawai area that start play loud music at 2 am for finish at 6 am? Hope this enforcemente will be effective on all the Island, expecially in quiet area like Rawai or Nai Harn where 95% of tourist are family...

Posted by dave on September 8, 2014 01:26

Editor Comment:

Best make sure that the Rawai mayor learns of the action by the Patong Mayor, dave.


Those who are attracted by loud Rock music are definitely NOT the ones that Phuket wants to attract. The solution should be easy: Use your common sense!

Posted by dieter on September 8, 2014 22:59


Mayor, well done. How the trucks have been allowed to clog the streets of Patong for so many years is quite simply a disgrace. I am sure they have been responsible for numerous accidents, as all manner of drivers stuck behind them become frustrated and make rash moves. I have seen it, and I have done it, myself. Good riddance!!!!
Go Kebsup!!!

Posted by geoff on September 11, 2014 19:29

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