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A gun - real or fake - is waved in a dispute in Patong today

UPDATE In Patong a Gun is Waved as an Aussie Argues With Taxi Drivers

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

Expat Phuket resident Gary Ponting was being questioned at length by police on Wednesday and is likely to face at least four charges over posing as a taxi driver and possession of weapons.

Original Report

PHUKET: Photographs taken by Phuket taxi drivers reveal some of the mayhem caused in a confrontation between drivers and an Australian in Patong today.

The man, named by police as Gary Ronald Ponting, 44, was involved in an argument with drivers at a rank at Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa that led to his arrest.

According to police, the man became angry with at least one person at the rank - the deputy leader, a woman named Aunt Meow - and the row escalated.

Major Pratuang Polmana told Phuketwan: ''I am not sure whether he was trying to be a taxi driver but he was certainly arguing with drivers there.''

The argument began at 9am when Mr Ponting turned up at the resort and as the dispute grew he said: ''Let me drop my passengers and I will be back.''

It is believed Mr Ponting made a trip to the Tiger Kingdom in central Kathu then at 2pm came back and asked to see Khun Meow.

Khun Meow wasn't there so he returned at 3pm and, Major Pratuang said, put on a set of knuckle dusters and tried to punch her.

''Taxi drivers went to help,'' Major Pratuang said. ''One man was cut on the chin.''

The Australian man went back to his pickup, grabbed a gun and started waving it around,'' Major Pratuang said.

The cry went up: 'Call police! Call police!' The Australian fled.

''Officers arrested the suspect at Kalim Circle, not far from the resort,'' Major Pratuang said.

A taxi driver at the Graceland rank, Nikom Ruangrut, told Phuketwan tonight that Khun Meow was deputy leader at the rank and standing in for the leader, who is in Bangkok.

''The Aussie said he was there [at Graceland] to pick up his passengers,'' Khun Nikom said.

It's believed Mr Ponting has been on Phuket for three years and has a Thai girlfriend.

According to sources who heard Mr Ponting's account, he said he was set upon by the taxi drivers. He is being held in a cell at Kathu Police Station overnight.


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'trying to be a taxi driver but he was certainly arguing with drivers there.'

Well if he is waving guns at people then he should fit right in as a Phuket tuk tuk/taxi driver.

Posted by NomadJoe on October 1, 2013 23:58


I understand the report only reflects what people say happened and was said but it raises a lot more questions than it answers.

I find it difficult to believe an expat would declare himself as being a taxi driver and openly threaten their leader.

Not saying it's impossible, just that it's implausible and I'd love to know what lead to this altercation.

I refrain from speculations and hope PW will be able to shed more light on this issue later on.

Posted by ThaiMike on October 2, 2013 00:25

Editor Comment:

If there's one thing we've learned, Thai Mike, it's to expect the unexpected. There is no such thing as a predictable set of circumstances on Phuket..


it took three years but the island finally made him mad - I fully understand

Posted by josh on October 2, 2013 00:41


he must of p---ed them off with his bad attitude...
Those guys down there are generally pretty cool... Yesterday one of the guys at the rank down at the round about gave me a large bottle of whiskey
So cheers to those guys.....

Posted by pee baa baa black sheep on October 2, 2013 09:35


In fact, South-East-Asia and Thailand in particular is flooded by many youth students, economic refugees and thugs fleeing the recession and lack of jobs in Europe and around the world.
Also a lot of foreign criminals know that in Thailand with little money and bribes to civil servants (Police, Labour Department, etc...) with the help of rogue lawyers or accounting offices, it is possible to hide from justice in their home countries by setting up a Ltd Part. with Thai nominees to get a valid work-permit and a VISA valid for one year.
Many are working in bars, restaurants, guest-houses, yachting industry, real estates, dive centers, language schools, boxing training centers as well as time-share touts.
Most of foreigners have been opening Thai companies with the help of rogue lawyers or accounting offices with less than 30,000 Baht package to set up a Limited Partnership Company with a valid work-permit but all legal documents are forgery as:
- The 2Million baht asset are fictive as most of those foreigners are penniless.
- The compulsory 51% of Thai shareholders are in the names of Thai nominees.
- The 1 or 2 compulsory Thai Directors are Thai nominees.
- The 4 Thai staffs are Thai nominees as most of the time they are the Thai employees of the lawyer or accounting office or friends and those Thai people do not work at all and do not receive any salary but the foreigner pays the Social Security every month to look legal.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on October 2, 2013 11:33


@whistleblower - as you have said "Most of foreigners have been opening Thai companies with the help of rogue lawyers or accounting offices with less than 30,000 Baht package to set up a Limited Partnership Company with a valid work-permit but all legal documents are forgery as' - which one are you ? since you use such broad and general accusations. What are you hiding from?

Posted by Ciaran on October 2, 2013 12:38


Its a pity the local plod don't arrest Thai taxi and tuk tuk drivers as fast, and detain them overnight.

Posted by William Dale on October 2, 2013 18:34



Posted by Fiesty Farang on October 2, 2013 21:01

Editor Comment:

Not interested in your prejudices, FF. That's your last post. Goodbye.

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