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Protesters exchange blows in the street near Krabi airport this afternoon

UPDATE Palm Plantation Protest Faces Off With Army, Police Near Krabi International Airport

Friday, November 13, 2015
Today's Updating News Report

PROTESTERS clashed with anti-protesters in a heated exchange near Krabi airport with missiles being thrown and flagpoles used as weapons about 2.30pm. The demonstration broke up soon after.

VIDEO of Today's Krabi Street Clashes

Original Report

PHUKET: Hundreds of protesters were facing off with Army and police in a confrontation that was slowing traffic near Krabi International Airport at noon today.

The demonstration was being carried out by squatters and their families living and working on 70,000 rai of public land, growing palm oil.

They want Thailand's military government to allow them to continue working on public land, despite laws forbidding the use of public land for private profit.

The mass protest was advertised in advance so hundreds of police, Army and volunteers were ready for it.

Squatters previously dumped truckloads of palm oil pods at Krabi Provincial Hall in April in an attempt to force the government to increase the palm oil price.

On the road today near the Krabi airport was a small anti-protest protest, with people holding a sign saying: ''Please don't damage Krabi - don't close the airport.''


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How on earth was it possible that hundreds of people were illegal 'farming' on 70,000 Rai of land?
Who did allow them all these years?

Posted by Kurt on November 13, 2015 12:25


Another case of "Gee...we have been living for free and working illegally for so long, that we should now be entitled to keep living for free and working illegally"

Posted by Richard Vickers on November 13, 2015 12:45


Why do they mention closing the airport?

Posted by Confusion on November 13, 2015 12:56


Did these people ever pay for the land they occupy, did they ever pay rent for the land, do they pay taxes local or central? Do they use the roads, street lights, schools, take up other taxed services like the Police. The problem how is this fair to tax payers and does it encourage others to pay tax. Does this lead to a circle of less progression for the country. Would this happen in the UK, Germany, USA or Australia. These countries are far richer and advanced as one rule for all.

Posted by Hmmm on November 13, 2015 13:40


Thai's were allowed to use government land for farming to make a living but were not allowed to have freehold title and sell it but the right to use it could be passed on to family member's
They could apply for a chanote/freehold title so it could be sold after a period of time
Maybe this rule still exists

Posted by peter allen on November 13, 2015 14:40


I think, this report is incomplete. The land was used by a company under a concession which expired in some 2 years ago. Most likely these are people who used to work for this company and lost their job. They continued to cultivate palm oil and even had a demonstration a year ago, requesting the government to increase the price for palm oil. Most likely it was no longer sustainable, since the world palm oil price dropped very much. I don't know, but I assume the Krabi government wants to use the land or part of it to expand Krabi airport, which already runs on 24 hours and is soon at full capacity.

Posted by Werni on November 13, 2015 18:35

Editor Comment:

I doubt your comment adds much factual value, Werni. The 70,000 rai of public land we believe is the trigger for this protest is a long way from Krabi airport. But a protest a long way from the airport is not likely to attract as much interest. Please don't make assumptions here. Your knowledge about the airport is probably limited, too. I don't want to be rude, but we prefer commenters who are certain about the facts. It reflects poorly if all you add is confusion.


Just watched the video. Where were hundreds of police that we saw lined up the earlier article ? Army was also mentioned. In the video there's 1 possibly 2 officers who, and I don't blame them, blow whistles and don't get involved !!!

Posted by James on November 14, 2015 17:29

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