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Mystery Phuket Death Troubles Man's Relatives

Monday, August 9, 2010
POLICE have yet to discount foul play in the death of a Phuket man whose body was found lying face up about 3pm yesterday at Khaokhad, an east-coast beach on Cape Panwa.

Family members say Abdulloh Thaodaeng, 45, was wealthy, owning three houses, and had a large number of life insurance policies. He was also the brother of the deputy mayor of Rawai.

Drowning is discounted by some members of the family, who want police to investigate the death thoroughly. Khun Abdulloh's wife appeared less than distraught at news that her husband was missing, heightening the concerns of other members of the family.

Police were continuing to question members of the family today.

Khun Abdulloh had a house at Ao Yon, a beach between Cape Panwa and Chalong, about four kilometers from where his body was found.

He had been missing since 8pm on Saturday. Relatives asked his wife, Mem, yesterday where her husband was. She said she did not know and added: ''Maybe he's drowned already.''

Doctors at Vachira Hospital suggested sending the body to Surat Thani for a full forensic autopsy but the family opted to prepare Khun Abdulloh instead for Muslim funeral rites as soon as possible.

Brother and Deputy Rawai Mayor Jirapong Thaodaeng said the couple had been married for five years, but his sister-in-law had never previously spent a night at the Ao Yon house until Saturday night.

Most of the other members of the family lived nearby. ''If my brother had drowned, his body would have been washed further away from Ao Yon by the prevailing current,'' he said.

''His skin did not have the appearance of someone who had drowned or even been in the water.

''There was only one mark on his body, on his head. If he had been in the water, the body would have been scraped.

''I do not want to make assumptions, but his wife's uncaring attitude has caused us to be alarmed.''

Khun Abdulloh was due to be buried at the local Muslim cemetery this afternoon.


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Certainly no harm done in this objective bit of reporting. I'm sure the wife, who may be genuinely mourning the tragic death of her husband, would appreciate media speculation about her involvement.
It's also nice to see that the sources for such information are family members of the deceased. I smell a Pulitzer in this one.

Posted by Ted Diggs on August 9, 2010 17:51

Editor Comment:

Having an open mind is not so bad, Ted. You should try it some time . . . all you have to do is overcome that cynicism.


Thank you for your comment, however, I hardly find it "cynical" to avoid speculation in news stories. I am also under the impression that reliable sources are a plus in the business.
Anyway, if you think it's "cynical" to show a bit of concern for a woman who lost her husband - a woman who probably has a family of her own - then I really have nothing left to say.

Posted by Ted Diggs on August 10, 2010 11:20

Editor Comment:

''Certainly no harm done in this objective bit of reporting. I smell a Pulitzer in this one.''

Certainly reads like cynicism to me. But then, shooting the messenger is easy. Journalism has few serious practitioners, but everyone is an expert.

Why do you express concern for the wife but not for the man's whole family? They have all suffered loss, whatever the circumstances.

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