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Per Ola Eriksson, 54, died in a fall down stairs on Phuket

MediaWATCH: Phuket Expat Dies in Fall; New Zealand 1:1 Italy; Brit Perv Runs Kids' Charity

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Zealand held Italy 1:1 in a remarkable game, with the World Cup minnows scoring against the reigning champions at the seven-minute mark, then holding them after a penalty goal.

Phuketwan MediaWATCH, with World Cup Watch

A daily wrap of Thailand news, with a Phuket perspective, plus relevant reports from national and international media. PLUS World Cup Watch, every day.

World Cup Scores: NED 1:0 JAP GHA 1:1 AUS CMR 1:2 DEN
Screening Tonight: Slovakia 0:2 Paraguay 9pm Italy 1:1 New Zealand 1.30am Brazil v Ivory Coast

PHUKET expat Per Ola Eriksson, 54, from Sweden, tumbled downstairs to his death at a Kata guesthouse early yesterday, police believe. His body was found by a maid about 11am. Mr Eriksson had been on Phuket for about six months. Police, who found a number of empty whisky bottles in Mr Eriksson's room, say there were no suspicious circumstances.

Associated Press Nicolas Anelka has been thrown out of France's World Cup squad after insulting coach Raymond Domenech and refusing to apologise, the French football federation said.

afp The 31-year-old Chelsea forward told Domenech to ''go screw yourself, dirty son of a whore'' in the dressing room after the coach took issue with his first-half performance against Mexico, sports daily L'Equipe claimed. Anti-government red shirts seeking revenge are expected to instigate fresh turmoil in Bangkok and the provinces after the government lifts the emergency decree, security agency sources said. Some provincial leaders of the red shirts have also begun warning about a new round of anti-government activities and rallies in several provinces, including Chiang Mai. Briton David Fletcher, 65, feeds hundreds of Cambodian children through his ''charity shelter''. But Fletcher hides a dark secret - he was jailed in Britain for the statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl and videoing the horrific crime. In Cambodia, where he fled six years ago, he spends every day with little girls, some as young as eight. The pervert raises money from tourists.

aap Hundreds of Black Saturday bushfire victims have signed up for a class action against an electricity supplier they allege was responsible for a blaze that killed 121 people and destroyed 1244 homes. Lawyers lodged a claim against Singapore Power International for inadequate maintenance standards. The action alleges the power company failed to fit a $10 protective device. A grand wedding ceremony of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and former personal trainer Mr Daniel Westling was held in the Cathedral in Stockholm. About 1500 family members and guests including the Kings and Queens from Sweden, other European countries and even Jordan attended the wedding. Swedish Archbishop Anders Wejryd married the couple in front of their parents and guests. Thousands of roses decorated in and outside the church. As for Burma, it is an open-air prison. In Burma almost the entire population, 50 million people, is politically imprisoned by the junta regime, which promised everyone a better future but then toughened up its attitude partially because the West turned a blind eye to events in Burma, leading many victims to continue to turn to the West. Today is June 20, World Refugee Day. Amid worldwide calls and rallies for her immediate release, Burma's military rulers allowed Ang San Suu Kyi the luxury of receiving a lonely visitor, an old friend, who carried a few birthday gifts for her. The elderly man, Ko Ni, is the only civilian granted daily access under the watchful eyes of the junta's guards outside her house. She turned 65 yesterday but remains under house arrest 20 years after her party won the country's last democratic election. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: ''I have been persistently, consistently demanding that all the political prisoners should be released without condition.'' Over 200 illegal immigrants were arrested in Penang after they failed to provide valid documents to prove their legal entry into Malaysia, police said. Within three hours, over 200 foreigners who failed to produce valid travel documents were arrested. The arrested immigrants are mainly from Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Most Muslims believe that Islam forbids homosexuality, but Hartoyo says he cannot stop being gay or being Muslim - and that no-one has the right to come between him and his faith. While most Muslims practise a relatively moderate form of their religion, there are concerns about an increasing number of people joining hard-line Islamic groups. Phuket is normally one of the most expensive destinations in Thailand, but off-season, the low-fare fun is bounteous. Even when it's raining you can still dive among the islands and learn how to surf on waves so high they're just begging to be conquered. The surfing off Phuket is good enough to challenge Malaysia's surfing-friendly man-made water parks and Bali's famed tides. The circulation of paid daily newspapers in the five biggest emerging markets, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and South Africa, is now greater than in all the OECD countries put together. Will people pay for online newspapers or is free good enough? The willingness is low but increasing, the OECD says. The Utah executioners were given a countdown but that for some unexplained reason they had decided in advance that they would all fire at the penultimate number. Five. Four. Three. And on the count of two they opened fire. Convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was pronounced dead at 12.17am.

afp Thailand's Thongchai Jaidee aced the the par-three fifth at Pebble Beach, the first hole-in-one of the 2010 US Open. Thongchai used an eight-iron from 180 yards at the hole, which was set up to play from the right side of the tee to a front-left pin.

Phuketwan World Cup Watch Cameroon was expected to be Africas best performer at the continent's first World Cup. But its 2-1 loss to Denmark makes it the first team to crash out of the World Cup. Australia star Harry Kewell says he didn't deserve to be sent off in the 1:1 draw against Ghana. Jonathan Mensah's drive hit Kewell - standing on the goalline to defend a corner - on the upper arm, and Italian referee Roberto Rosetti pointed to the penalty spot, pausing only to dismiss Kewell. Asamoah Gyan converted but Australia fought valiantly with 10 men for over an hour to secure a thrilling draw. Brazil have never lost to a team from outside South America or Europe, a record they will put to the test against Ivory Coast at 1.30am Thailand time tonight. Victory for Dunga's side will secure them a place in the next round, but with Didier Drogba having recovered from his elbow injury, achieving that will be easier said than done. In the aftermath of England's abject performance in the 0:0 draw with Algeria, the England management team have conceded that the players are unhappy with some of Fabio Capello's methods, that the players' confidence is at its lowest and that the tactical system needs to change for the crucial final group game with Slovenia on Wednesday.

Phuket Coming Events

Until June 20 Phuket International Halal Food Festival, Saphan Hin park, Phuket City
June 25-26 Phuket Music Festival, Full Moon Version, at Karon beach. [Last year it was called the RoyFest. It's no longer the RoyFest.]
June 25 to 27 Second Kathu Culture Road Fair, recalling the region's history
July 21-25 Phuket Six Senses Race Week, Evason, Rawai
July 4 US Phuket Navy League Independence Day free family picnic at the Headstart International Learning Center directly across from Makro (near Central Festival) in Phuket City from 10am-7pm.
October 1-3 Asian Hospitality and Travel Show, Central Festival Phuket Convention and Exhibition Center, Phuket City
December 4-11 Phuket King's Cup Regatta
January 6-9 PIMEX boat show, Royal Phuket Marina
February 9-13 The Bay Regatta - Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi
Phuket's Best Chance of Beating Corruption
News Analysis An international anti-corruption conference in November should give Phuket a chance to make a case for a solution to the island's biggest problem.
Phuket's Best Chance of Beating Corruption

Phuket DIY Road Through Mangroves Almost Begins
PHOTO ALBUM With 500 people gathered and a backhoe on the way, a do it yourself road project appeared set to start on Phuket. But then word came: the backhoe driver had changed his mind.
Phuket DIY Road Through Mangroves Almost Begins

Phuket Expat Found Hanged: Internet Business Failing
Latest The economic downturn and the departure of his Thai wife appear to have played a part in the decision of a despairing Phuket expat to take his own life.
Phuket Expat Found Hanged: Internet Business Failing

Phuket's New Face (and More) for Medi Tours
Latest Phuket is to gain from greater interest in cosmetic surgery thanks to Dayna Perandis and the advantages of quality treatment, plus recovery in the island's pleasant environment.
Phuket's New Face (and More) for Medi Tours

Phuket Property 'Central to Money Laundering'
Latest A leading government MP says that Phuket is a centre for the laundering of illicit funds through land purchase, but there is little that the Thai authorities can do.
Phuket Property 'Central to Money Laundering'


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An adult male having sex with a reproductively mature female is hardly a "perv". Plenty of 15 yo's are already young women. Only in western societies where the most natural of male urges, to procreate with young, healthy partners - must be classified as something to be castigated. Indeed, this hysteria only perpetuates the stereotype that women's sexual " virtue" is a tangible thing to be protected.

Editor: He's a perv because he's 65 and she's just 15: Try doing your sums, with your fingers. He's 50 years older than she is. While we'd never suggest age is necessarily a barrier to true love, a Cambodian 15-year-old is legally a child. Your comment makes it plain you have reasons of your own for putting up such a pathetic argument in defence of this cock-sure sleazebag. But please don't tell us more: we don't want to know.

Posted by Feminista !! on June 20, 2010 10:12


Feminista: A 65 year old man, having sex with a 15 year old girl - I can't see it more different that a old pervert having SEX with a CHILD - and you support it ?

A person who thinks it's ok are the same type of person so they share the same 'ideology' or .. ?

I can't write what I really want to since it will just crack each persons monitor, so please, no more!

Posted by Anders on June 20, 2010 11:03


Dear Editor

I agree an adult person having sex with a 15y old is criminal in UK but when you say he is 65 and she is 15, you seem to overlook your own reporting.

" In Cambodia, where he fled six years ago "

I think it's safe to say he could not have been older than 59y at the time.

In addition you state he was jailed for the crime, which would further suggest that he was considerably younger than 59y.

From the time he committed the crime it is likely to have taken a couple of years to be sent to jail, plus of course the time spent behind the bars.

I think your statement of him having been 50y older is incorrect.

On top of that you state he fled to Cambodia. Do you know for a fact that he is a fugitive ? Did he perhaps escape from prison ? Is he sought by the UK authorities ?

Since you are always so quick to correct anyone who states something here you think is not correct, can you please apply the same principles upon yourself and report the correct facts, not just biased assumptions.

When did he commit the crime ?

How many years did he spend in Prison ?

Is he a fugitive of Law in the UK ?

Editor: We are quoting from another news source, so this is not our reporting. I suggest you read the whole original article before rushing to play advocate on this pervert's behalf. The first rule for trainee messenger-shooters is and always will be: if you are going to waste time on non-issues, at least do your research first. However, your point about the age difference is correct. I blame revulsion for my confusion. I was trying to look away and type at the same time.

By the way, his current bride-to-be is 17, and he is now reported to be age 66. So I was, it seems, out by one year. Apparently this appalling person once frequented Patong. For Andrew Drummond's full account, where Fletcher is accurately described as ''Fletch the letch,'' go to:

Posted by Amazing Thailand on June 20, 2010 15:28


Editor: Amazing Thailand,
Misguided criticism from an anonymous source doesn't really excite me, especially on a topic like this one. I fail to see how you can imagine that, in providing a free service to readers, Phuketwan is obliged to respond to your regular petty complaints. We are advocates of free speech, but nameless critics without a real cause leave us cold.

Posted by Amazing Thailand on June 20, 2010 20:48


"An adult male having sex with a reproductively mature female is hardly a "perv"."

??? FEMNINISTA !! ???

You make me sick. No woman can write that. Old fart trying to be witty, eh?

Girls tend to be "reproductively mature" with 13 and younger nowadays. So when your breast are showing, it is ok for old men to lay you, ...after paying 200$ to your mother? Old men looking for the needy of the needy, to get little girls for some food and a warm shower. That is so lowlife. So lowlife. And you feel enraged enough to jump for his defense.

And no, it is not virtue that needs our protection, it is plain and simple their soul. You have a heart?

But maybe for you it is ok for the old man in the story, as he is definitely not interested in little boys of that age. That would be perv, I guess. I am so disgusted.

Posted by Lena on June 21, 2010 03:17

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