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Delphine Claudia Nicot, 43, arrested after a confession to lying

I Lied About Bag Snatch, Says Tourist

Sunday, January 25, 2015
PHUKET: A French tourist who claimed she had been robbed by a bag snatcher near a Phuket beach was caught lying and arrested for fraud soon after.

Delphine Claudia Nicot, 43, went to Chalong Police Station on Friday to report that she had been the victim of a grab-and-ride thief on a motorcycle.

According to the Frenchwoman, the man snatched her shoulder bag as she walked near Nai Harn beach about 4pm.

The man wore shorts, a helmet and a black t-shirt and rode off towards Rawai, she said.

She asked police to list the items stolen: a camera valued at 15,000 baht, 2000 baht in cash and 2000 euros.

Police immediately went to work on the case, checking security camera footage from around the time that Ms Nicot said the crime was committed.

They found nothing to substantiate her story and called her back in later the same day.

When police told her that they could find no evidence of the theft she described taking place and told her they believed she had made up the tale, she confessed.

She said she had lost her camera and under the terms of the warranty, it would be replaced if she could prove it had been stolen.

Ms Nicot now faces fraud charges and an extended holiday.


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Not smart lady.... Good job police

Posted by phuketgreed on January 25, 2015 15:03


So pitty ...

Posted by frog on January 25, 2015 15:36


Should be a charge of false statements since fraud had not occurred yet ?
Or Thai courts adopt a same-same principle ?

Posted by Puzz on January 25, 2015 17:23


What an uneducated felon! If she would read Phuket Wan more often, she would know that such situations are well snuffed by local police and even well and promptly investigated.

Posted by Sue on January 25, 2015 18:43


Always like to see greedy liars and cheaters get their comeuppance.

Posted by Ed Sanders on January 25, 2015 18:52


quality tourist....

Posted by Carl on January 25, 2015 19:27


2k in Euros automatically sounds like a fishy story ....

Posted by geoff on January 26, 2015 00:38


Rubbish like her push up insurance prices for honest people. Pre-meditated fraud. Let's not see one of these 1000Baht fines and she is free. Jail times for sure is warranted but will Thailand want to finance putting her in jail when it did not effect Thailand, I doubt it. PW please follow up.

Posted by Feisty Farang on January 26, 2015 11:23


thanks, lady. hope excluding you from any insurance plus amount of claimed money paid immediately for police appreciation fund. (maybe a few days smell of how this real criminal behaviour should be treated in a thai prison)

Posted by reader 49 on January 26, 2015 17:59

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