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Krabi aims to preserve its natural appeal and reject Phuket development

Krabi Plans Blueprint to Keep Touts, Jet-Skis and Loungers Away

Friday, November 23, 2012
PHUKET: Krabi is fighting to avoid the pitfalls of Phuket as beach vendors attempt to take a sandy toehold.

Jet-skis, loungers and umbrellas and touts with gibbons for photo opportunities are seen from time to time.

December 15 brings a key meeting between administrators, the private sector and other groups to create a ''Krabi Blueprint'' that will be locked in by January 15, said the Acting president of the Guides Association of Krabi, Watthana Rengsamud.

''Quality and international standards are what Krabi is all about,'' she said. ''The mystery deaths of the Belanger sisters on Phi Phi earlier this year brought an international reaction.

''We realised then that all our activities are inter-connected, and we needed to coordinate in a much more efficient way.''

There was now a ''complete understanding'' of the need to meet to talk and co-operate on the big issues facing Krabi, she said.

''In many ways we are fortunate to be able to see what's happened on Phuket as the island has developed,'' Khun Watthana added.

''We didn't want to be like Phuket. We can adapt and solve problems.''

She said there has been one group of beach vendors who began on Railay beach and were forced from there to Ao Nang.

''People will say, 'This is our livelihood and a means for us to make money from tourism.' We understand that people with just a little income always seek a little more.

''However, the big picture is more important and it is what will help everybody on Krabi prosper in future.''


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So if Krabi Province is able to do it why Phuket Province can not di it? Corruption among civil servants by predators in the tourism businesses may be the main cause of lack of clampdown of illegal businesses in Phuket.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on November 23, 2012 11:33


Having lived and owned a small hotel in Ao Nang a few years ago, I wonder whether the most important group of people that will be affected by these changes will be invited.

I'm talking of course about the tourists...

Time after time, (and I have seen this in Phuket), the Thai authorities seem to adopt the view that 'we know what is best', and they fail to listen to the complaints and concerns of tourists and their country representatives - the Honorary Consuls.

Unfortunately, the Thai authorities, (or at least some of them), do not seem to know 'what is best' for tourists, and implement changes and policies that are merely superficial in nature.

Let's hope that the Krabi authorities will respond to the recent (and valid) criticisms in a positive manner, and base whatever decisions they make on more than financial concerns or self-interest.

Posted by Simon Luttrell on November 23, 2012 11:56


Tourists also have vastly different ideas of what they want on the beach. There should really be different beaches with different levels of vendors. Then people can choose if they want to go to a beach with a lot or little number of vendors.

The Authorities are always going to have an up hill battle trying to enforce decision made. The more tourists go to a certain beach the more vendors will want to the same beach, regardless of any agreements.

You can understand why some hotels do everything they can to restrict access to the beach next to their property.

On Patong, Phuket, beach if you want o have a walk on the beach you will have to dodge beach chairs, parasailing & jet-ski operators, their equipment and their activity and other various vendors selling things. Hardly relaxing at all. However, Patong should be preserved for people who like that sort of thing and other beaches, like Surin beach, should be kept relatively quiet for people who like that sort of thing.

Posted by Ty on November 24, 2012 01:25

Editor Comment:

This is why Phuketwan advocates both a Phuket Beach Authority, so that the beaches can be properly managed and maintained, and that there can be beaches to suit all visitors, and a strategic plan for all three key Andaman tourist provinces.


No gibbons on the beach ! No Parasailing, no jet ski, no umbrellas, we follow you Governor !
we need imediate reaction, not months to act ! the way, on ko lanta saw a few umbrellas :( immediate intervention please ! if needed place cctv cameras on the tsunami warning towers. :)

Posted by serge on November 25, 2012 08:00

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