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The injured Israeli brother at Phuket's Patong beach this afternoon

Israeli Brothers Crash Jet-Skis Off Phuket's Patong Beach: One is Injured, Taken to Hospital

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
PHUKET: Two brothers from Israel crashed jet-skis off Phuket's Patong beach today. One, suffering injuries, was carried to the beach by a traditional longtail boat.

Jet-ski officials were reluctant to talk about the incident, which occurred about 4.30pm some distance offshore.

One brother was taken to Patong Hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The crash comes in the Seven Days of Danger, a safety campaign which usually covers Phuket's roads but this year has been extended to include marine safety as well.

A Russian tourist was killed earlier this year when a jet-ski fell back and struck him as he tried to crash through a wave at Patong beach.

Jet-skis are a controversial topic on Phuket at present, with many people saying they should be banned, as they are in the neighboring ecofriendly provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga.

Attempts to keep the scores of jet-skis by zoning Patong for swimmers and jet-skis have so far failed to isolate the dangerous jet-skis from the swimmers.

Scams continue, with jet-ski operators usually making extortionate claims whenever jet-skis are damaged.

One problem is that the insurance is not comprehensive so jet-ski operators usually attempt to make the rider pay an additional sum.

Almost always, this includes a ''time out of the water'' fee of between 15,000 baht and 17,000 baht, calculated at 3000 baht a day for the time the jet-ski could be unavailable and being repaired, plus a cost for ''paperwork.''

Quite often, the jet-ski is back in the water the following day.

Jet-ski operators have also been known to go to hospital to demand extra damage costs while riders are being treated for their injuries.

It's not known in this case how extensive the damage was to the two jet-skis but a jet-ski spokesperson said both machines were insured.

Injuries to individuals are covered up to 50,000 baht.

Phuket's honorary consuls have recommended that jet-ski operators pay higher levels of insurance to cover all repairs so there are never any arguments about additional payments or ''time out of the water'' fees.

An attempt was made to phase out jet-skis from Phuket over a period of seven years but successive governors failed to achieve phase-out targets and the machines are now in greater numbers at more beaches than ever.


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So come on then Marine 5, time to get your head out of your a*** and do something about this nonsense

Sorry, I am dreaming.

Posted by Amazing Thailand on December 30, 2014 21:33


Go jet-skis! My son and I were going to go swimming at Kalim yesterday, but there were two morons on jet skis tearing around just off the shore where there were other people swimming, also unaware of the shallow rocks close to shore. Complete idiots, ruined the beach for everyone. Jet ski-related problems will never eliminated or adequately addressed, even after deaths, injuries and overwhelming opinion polls against them. Money prevails over all other concerns. Face it folks.... somethings will never change, and this is one of them. Now, shall we talk taxi/tuktuk thugs?

Posted by Ed Sanders on December 30, 2014 21:35


I was this afternoon 15.00 on patongbeach what i saw was unbelievable the motorboat with paraglider hat nearly 3 accidents one time with people what passing on the beach nearly the line hit them 2 nearly hit the long tail boat with the line and 3 the tourist fall on his left knee and go over the ground 5 meter before up , the problem back wind in the paraglider everybody know very dangerous , the yet skis make flu gas show 2meter from the beach the other one turn around swimmers with full speed about 20 staff and they have on the beach a big place for starting !!! dangerous situations people working without any respect for the tourists money money ! on the beach the new plates on the beach road are now in the highsaison destroyed with pneumatic hamers big sound dirt and why !!!!! and why in the high saison ????? the new mayer have no control anymore !!!many people spend millions too bring tourist too patong and these people make never come back advertising !

Posted by donaldo on December 30, 2014 21:42


donaldo, it's truly amazing Thailand - you will not find such things back home!

however these all kinds of accidents - hole to crash at the end of road and other accidents during this month are indeed of such abnormality scale that Hollywood authors' imagination fails vs. such reality..

What I want to wish everyone in the New Year - it is upholding the rule of law in Thailand. It's simply missing , and it should be put in place.
Then it will resolve if not all, but many problems, and will facilitate resolution of others.
Including that strange legal constellation that is moving forward to court in regard of PW.

Posted by Sue on December 30, 2014 22:34


Excellent.....great to see the israelis getting in on the action......Happy New Year

Posted by surf starved katoy on December 31, 2014 06:04


I am sure the Israeli will be getting a visit from his jetski friends in hospital as soon as he is able to reach his wallet.

Posted by phonus balonus on December 31, 2014 06:43

Editor Comment:

Let's hope so . . . in retaliation the Israelis could send a few people across to clear the beaches properly.


warn everyone, all time, as much as you can, this only could ruin the jetski business, as there is no real effort from gvt officers.

Posted by serge on December 31, 2014 07:56


Was just in Koh Lanta and met a big group of Germans, who used to Holiday every year in Phuket, one of the reasons they stopped coming to Phuket was Jet Skis, so now they spend there three months every year in Lanta or Krabi, where the authorities have sensibly banned them

Posted by Michael on December 31, 2014 08:26


if insistent on having jetskis on theisland why cant they set up a jet ski park like they have wake boarding park, and can be done in a safe enviroment with no danger to swimmers and can be properly monitored?

Posted by Michael on December 31, 2014 08:53

Editor Comment:

Because they want more. If you ever watched the jet-ski touts working potential customers on the shorefront, you'd understand. Tucking them away, where the customers have to decide to go for a ride first then go to visit the ''jet-ski beach,'' doesn't work. (Although the tuk-tuks would probably enjoy the fare and fee concessions). You go where the people are and entice those who have never done it to pay and ride. It's called ''business.''


I also know two families of totally 9 people that used to come to Phuket for holiday every year for six years in a row. They have now changed to another country for their holidays because last year their children was almost hit at two different occasions by a speedboat dragging a parachute and a jet ski.
They was so called "quality tourists" with a lots of money-spending on their holidays. Now their money is spent in another country.
Others a likely to follow if there is not a ban on jet skis and speedboats with parachutes soon.

Posted by PhuketFriendly on December 31, 2014 09:41


Where is responsibility and liability in Thailand? Where is logic? Where is Safety? Where is consumer protection? Where is Tourist information? All Nowhere to find..... It is all about Greed..

Posted by phuketgreed on December 31, 2014 14:34

Editor Comment:

In this case, it appears the Israelis are totally at fault.


If Jet Skis have to be allowed I think Surin beach had the right idea. There was a narrow and parallel line of two ropes with bouys leading from the beach and about 150 yards into the sea. The Jet Skis had to use this narrow channel to get out to sea and back in again. There was also a floating pontoon/walkway to enable boats to tie up and without coming close to the beach. It was the beach vendors who made sure those on the jet Skis complied. I don't know if this exits now following the "clean-up".

Posted by Richard on December 31, 2014 18:44

Editor Comment:

Surin is a beach where jet-skis are not permitted to operate.


When I was there in Feb 2014 there were Jet Skis and its good if they have now been banned following the May "clean up". However, my point is if they are allowed in other places (as seems to be case in Patong for now) then the Surin Beach approach worked well and kept swimmers safe. It would be better to adopt something similar rather than waiting for deaths or serious injuries which might then lead to a full ban.

Posted by Richard on January 1, 2015 00:50

Editor Comment:

Indeed. But there's no suggestion that jet-skis should be allowed at Phuket beaches where they are banned. Surin is one of those beaches. Enforcement remains the problem.

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