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Thailand, no longer a shooting gallery under a weapons recall

Guns in Thailand Must Be Surrendered, Legal or Illegal, Coup Command Orders

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
PHUKET: The coup commanders of Thailand today ordered the surrender of handguns and rifles, regardless of whether they are registered or illegal.*

People have until June 10 to surrender weapons to local authorities between 8.30am-4.30pm daily, according to a letter from the Governor of Phuket's office.

After June 10, people who break the edict and continue to hold weapons will be subject to a jail term of between two years and 20 years, according to the coup authorities, the National Council for Peace and Order.

The edict to hand in weapons includes in some provinces - but not Phuket - those issued by the previous governments of Thailand to village chiefs and local authorities.

Police on Phuket say those who wish to hand in weapons but are embarrassed to do so should leave the gun in a neutral spot and call their local police station so it can be collected.

The recall order is in stark contrast with the plan of the previous government to hand out more guns.

It's estimated there may be more than 10 million guns in private hands throughout Thailand.

There is no indication as to whether the guns being held legally will be re-registered.

Gun control advocates in the US and other countries where weapons are freely available are likely to be looking at what happens in Thailand with great interest.

*An earlier report said all guns will be recalled. We understand conditions will vary from province to province.


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As much as I dislike the recent events in Thailand, this is a great decision.

One that is likely to save more lives than any other single action I can think of.

It will be difficult to enforce but the Army is better equipped than anyone else to pull it through.

A normal person does not need a gun in any kind of circumstances.

Posted by ThaiMike on June 3, 2014 16:30


Again ! well done..

Posted by frog on June 3, 2014 16:31


Good move and good luck if it is taken seriously by all Thais et al. Australia led the way following the Tasmanian tragedy and this is what is also needed in the USA.

Posted by seht1912 on June 3, 2014 16:31


Great Move, lets hope it works, see they going to seize the illegal taxis here tomorrow. Swift action in many areas will get them more support. Next it should be Tuk Tuk and Jet Ski Mafia

Posted by gregg P Cornell on June 3, 2014 16:43


The best of the best initiative of coup commanders of Thailand.
Well done NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order)

Posted by Whistle-Blower on June 3, 2014 16:53


Source? Cannot find other articles about it.

Posted by Eric on June 3, 2014 16:58

Editor Comment:

We're first with the news as is so often the case, Eric.


@gregg P Cornel.. yes go for all the things connected to rip off and curruption .. and to secure the Businessowners. first of all include good insurance and get a Police force working for the public not for their own greed.

Posted by frog on June 3, 2014 17:17


This is indeed good news. I hope they take it one step further & ask off duty policemen to check in their guns at their local station when finished work. I know they buy their own, but they do not need to be carrying them off duty with the consequences we often read.

Posted by Logic on June 3, 2014 17:25


One assumes that includes the shooting ranges as well - I better get down to one for a last quick burst of gunfire before they all close.

Excellent initiative and well done to the coup commanders. They have clearly put a lot of planning into what they are doing - extremely pleased to hear.

Posted by Amazing Thailand on June 3, 2014 17:27


I have slightly mixed feelings about this... but I think its somewhat of a step in the right direction given that the use of guns had been out of control.... shooting ranges! Way too many shooting ranges!!!!

Posted by J on June 3, 2014 18:09


As much as I like the recent events in Thailand, this is a horrible decision. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and anyone who thinks a "normal person" does not need a gun is a sheep and a fool. Baaa, if someone breaks into your house at night, point your finger at him.

Posted by Robert on June 3, 2014 18:47

Editor Comment:

Oh not, not the Oscar Pistorius defence, please.


Good idea, but going from what has happened in other countries it is the registered weapons and the illegal, but honest owners, who hand them in, the criminal element will always maintain their weapons.

Posted by Laurie Howells on June 3, 2014 18:55

Editor Comment:

Virtually everything that happens in Thailand proves how foolish it is to make comparisons. If enforcement is genuine, there is not reason why there won't be people doing 2 years to 20 years for illegal possession.


I wonder if this counts for all!
The former german president, Gustav Heinemann, made it very clear when he said: "a country is only as free as its gun laws!"

Posted by Vplker on June 3, 2014 18:57

Editor Comment:

Disarmament requires trust, he said.


Great move? Sure, if you want only criminals to have guns. Now law abiding gun owners are left defenseless and the crooks now it..

Posted by The War Whores on June 3, 2014 19:05

Editor Comment:

This is why there are sheriffs in Westerns, TWW.


As we have seen over recent months hot heads and firearms don't mix. This is a great move - next maybe off duty police officers could be persuaded to leave their weapons secure at their stations.

For Eric - much as PW want to blow their own horn over this the first sentence of the article would indicate the source of the information is the NCPO.

Posted by Mister Ree on June 3, 2014 19:21

Editor Comment:

Back so soon? Nothing better to do?


- Robert

Let me guess - you are a NRA member and originally from the South West US ?

In just what kind of world do you live in if you feel you need a gun ?

Remember if you pull a gun on someone, you better be prepared to use it because if he has one too, there will be bodies. Yours or his.

Regardless of what the dispute is about and that's where your theory of the sheep falters.

Unless your life is in immediate danger, which even in a burglary it rarely is unless you want to play a hero, guns only escalate a non-lethal situation into a tragedy.

In addition, how did you conclude the authorities would not go after illegal weapons held by "outlaws" ?

To me 2 to 20y imprisonment sounds (finally) like a proper deterrent to induce compliance instead of the usual THB 1000 fine.

- Ed

Not to imply your source for this news is inaccurate but it is big news and somewhat surprising that none of the major news providers are reporting it.

Any further details on this subject ?

Posted by ThaiMike on June 3, 2014 19:47

Editor Comment:

The importance of the action appears to be overlooked by other media.


A farmer without a gun how do you deal with vermin or stock that must be put down leave them to suffer, this needs a big rethink, guns do have a legitimate use particularly in rural areas.

Posted by slickmelb on June 3, 2014 20:01

Editor Comment:

Thais are not all gun-happy. Farmers are not usually notorious criminals.


The coup has already archived results. TWW has certainly loosened up!

Posted by Manowar on June 3, 2014 20:30


Statistically, Thailand is number three in the world for fatalities by firearms behind only South Africa and Columbia. It will be harder to get rid of knives, but more fatalities are caused by sharp instruments than by guns. A great step though, very impressive!! Made a lot of people's day, including farang888's.

Posted by farang888 on June 3, 2014 21:38


VERY Impressive, and who EVER thought Thailand would make the term "military intelligence" start to lose its status as a prime oxymoron!

Posted by farang888 on June 3, 2014 22:04


This step I DO appreciate, it has so many facets, most of them very positive..

Posted by Sue on June 3, 2014 22:42


Nice move as too many people seem very quick to shoot when upset.

Give the people on top credit for being proactive with trying to eliminate threats before they happen.

Posted by Anonymous on June 3, 2014 23:09


One week, after that maybe 20 years in prison? Sick. Good that this happens, but within a week? And minimum 2 years prison? Strange. What about collectors? Old weapons? Not working replicas? Shooting ranges, going out of business? Are they going to leave them back later? Are they paying for them. I mean they provided license, and a week after they take the gun back. What about letting people have a chance to sell them abroad or something?

Posted by Peter on June 3, 2014 23:12


Man O' War,

The only thing the coup has archived is freedom.

Posted by California Chrome on June 4, 2014 00:12


I was wrong, the archive has been reopened, just under new camel flage.

Posted by Manowar on June 4, 2014 04:59


More great news no more innocent deaths from the growing cases of idiots using guns to sort out disputes or to bolster their so called manhood.

Posted by Scunner on June 4, 2014 05:23


Great news and about time.
There is one thing I do not understand from one comment. What on earth is an illegal but honest gun owner, if the law says the weapon must be registered and it is not then the owner is illegal and dishonest.

Posted by Arthur Gane on June 4, 2014 08:34


Seht, not going to happen in the USA. Why? because we like our guns, and we don't give a f*** what you foreign faggots think.

Posted by seht1911 on January 10, 2015 11:48

Editor Comment:

Let's assume the word furl is now the most popular four-letter word on umbrella-conscious Phuket, indeed possibly across the USA. ''We don'y give a furl what you foreign faggots think'' is much more polite, almost acceptable. Isn't that right, seht1911?

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