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Newborn Google's brothers Gad and Guy play at the Phuket hospital

Google's Lone Phuket Dad Given No Hospital Answers

Monday, April 25, 2011
LONE Phuket father Atib Boonnark, whose wife lapsed into a coma after childbirth, has so far been unable to achieve the meeting he would like with the management of Bangkok Hospital Phuket or the doctor involved.

Khun Atib's wife Pariporn, still in a vegetative state at the hospital, suffered complications after giving birth to the couple's third son, nicknamed Google, last month.

With Khun Paiporn unlikely to ever recover, Khun Atib, 47, now has to raise Google, delivered by Caesarian section on March 18, Gad, aged two-and-a-half, and Guy, 14.

All three sons were born at the hospital because Khun Atib and his wife believed that the quality of care there warranted the extra expense of a private hospital.

''Even now I don't know why this happened,'' Khun Atib said yesterday. He says he has now been told his newborn son must leave the hospital before the end of the month.

Khun Atib, who runs a market stall in central Phuket City, says the management at the hospital has rejected his plea for talks. He said that he contacted the Public Health Department, and the department was willing to send a representative to act as mediator.

Khun Atib would like to talk directly to the doctor involved. However, he says the hospital rejected his suggestion of talks.

Khun Atib said yesterday that he felt he had no choice except to go to Phuket City police today. A spokesperson for Bangkok Hospital Phuket would only say that the hospital was awaiting court action.

What will happen to the boys' mother, who is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital, remains unclear.
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Good to see that you have followed up on this case. I would have thought that all hospitals, especially those in the Bangkok Hospital Group, would have professional liability insurance covering medical error or malpractice. We don't know the facts behind this case and whether medical negligence was involved, but the silence from the Bangkok Phuket Hospital authorities and the negative publicity it generates can only downgrade their image. Luckily on Phuket we have a choice of private hospitals. I hope Khun Atib fights for his rights and his comatose wife recovers in due time.

Posted by Pete on April 25, 2011 11:02


I really hope the hospital breaks its silence and steps up and shows some responsibility. To hide behind a closed door and not say anything is not good.

Posted by sky on April 25, 2011 13:14


Childbirth comes with multiple risks and it is not unusual for either the mother or the child to experience serious complications including death. There is no evidence of malpractice or negligence at this time. No one knows if the mother had an underlying medical condition, or showed up with a medical crisis or even had pre natal care. And yet the accusations are leveled. Yes, the hospital is not commenting publicly, but this is the result of the incident becoming public. It is the legal counsel for the hospital making the decision on whether to talk or not to talk. The hospital if it is well managed follows legal counsel who in this case is obviously not adept at managing a crisis.

Posted by Brendan on April 26, 2011 08:04

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