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Call for action by Phuket Police Commander, Maj Gen Pekad Tantipong

Fresh Call for Phuket Closing Time Crackdown

Saturday, October 9, 2010
SIANGTAI newspaper, the most popular Thai-language daily on Phuket, has called on the new Phuket Governor and the Phuket police commander to crack down on entertainment venues that stay open into the early hours.

In a front-page headline and an inside opinion article, the newspaper draws a link between late-opening venues and crime.

The prominent commentary follows the killing this week of a man who was gunned down when he left the Say Yes pub in the southern beach resort of Karon at 4.30am to smoke a cigarette.

In a direct call to Phuket Governor Tree Ackaradecha and Phuket Police Commander Major General Pekad Tantipong, the Siangtai report says: ''People who are out after the official closing time have too many accidents and too many arguments.''

It names the Chalong police station, responsible for Karon and southern Phuket, as being especially neglectful in not closing venues in accordance with the law.

''Our message to the new governor is to make a priority of bringing these venues under control across the whole of Phuket. Some of these places stay open until close to daybreak.

''Crimes of robbery and rape, assaults and even killings take place because these venues are allowed to break the law.

''Because the venues are allowed to flout the rules, it seems to many people as though Phuket has no law.

''Phuket's chief of police, Major General Pekad Tantipong, should not turn a blind eye to what is happening for everyone to see.''

The murder of former US marine DaShawn Longfellow, allegedly by British kickboxer Lee Aldhouse, took place after the two men fought early one morning, in a bar at Rawai, also in the Chalong police district, in August.

In late September, one Phuket man took a public stand against a bar that he said stayed open until 6am every day, keeping his children awake and ruining the lives of his family.

A-nek Simanork, a neighbor of the Laguna bar in the Rawai area, says a man with a gun once threatened to kill him if he complained. Yet police and local authorities had consistently failed to enforce the 1am law on bar closing times, he said.

His complaints were published in, one of Thailand's most popular online sites.

The former Governor of Phuket, Wichai Praisa-ngob, made a bid in September just before retiring to introduce entertainment zones on Phuket. He was suggesting them for Patong and Phuket City, and for international tourists only.
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first I urge the phuketwan to stay on top of this. you have brought it out in the open with reporting. now don't let it die. power of the typewriter and factual reporting is needed. this attitude, behavior, and what ever you want to call it effects everyone. probably even more so Thais and their families.
yes i have a choice. i can leave at anytime. but many others don't have that luxury.

for the best of me i can not understand any other reason why except money, greed, and corruption. the rest of Thailand and for that matter pretty much the rest of the world operates quite well with 1am-2am closing.

Posted by john s on October 9, 2010 12:27

Editor Comment:

John, it's more than 30 years since we used a typewriter. All Phuketwan has done is pass on in English what has been said in Thai at one public meeting and in the Thai-language media. In many places, round-the-clock opening - or something very close to it - is permitted. We have no problems with that more sophisticated concept being introduced here, provided such a move has the support of the majority, the venues are strictly controlled, and the sleep of law-abiding residents is not disturbed.


john s, the rest of Thailand does also not operate only to 1am-2am. There are very well known places everywhere you can "party" to dawn. But not so obvious as on Phuket, where it is the case of in the face corruption. And when there is no need for corruption to hide anymore, then it is becoming a rampant beast and trust and faith in the authorities are gone. Phuket now is near that tipping point.

Posted by Lena on October 9, 2010 13:32

Editor Comment:

The fact that many Phuket people who were once accepting of a certain level of corruption are now complaining about increasing levels of corruption indicates that what Lena says is true. Corruption is not acceptable, full stop.


@ lena. yes your statement is true. there are places in thailand that stay open past closing. i don't know if the same effects are happening because i have only visited.

it is blatantly out of control. even a few days ago reading article those involved/knowing agreed there is to much corruption. now that is laughable.

@editor. agree with you. there is no typewriter. power of the keyboard and internet. so many thais don't have choices/ voice as you and i do. they need the support of media like phuketwan.

i may sound jaded at times. the truth is there are so many good and honest people on this island who care. the small minority just needs to be gone or held accountable.

Posted by john s on October 9, 2010 14:03


Thailand has all law to regulate the wrong-doers but local administrations have the right to interpret laws and this is the problem.

All prices are 20-30% more expensive because of greedy business people and selfish civil servants working part-time for the government and full-time to grab money through bribes.

Now, a lot of normal people see how far is going the corruption in Phuket and cannot bear any more those extra costs as competition is too much in any types of businesses.

The best way to control corruption is anonymous denunciations and full tax control by the Revenue Department.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on October 9, 2010 14:15


Why is everything a crackdown? Why not just enforce the laws already in place (like helmets, bars closing at 2am, etc.)

Posted by Lee on October 9, 2010 16:09


The only place they should let run amok until daybreak is Bangla and the immediate surrounding areas of the Beach rd and 200 Pee rd....anything else to needs to shut down at the closing time....and many places that are near hotels and residential areas should be enclosed

Posted by sky on October 9, 2010 18:12

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