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Former PM Says Corruption in Thailand Now 'Out of Control'

Saturday, December 15, 2012
PHUKET: Corruption was growing more organised and networks of greed were spreading through every aspect of Thai society, former PM Anand Panyarachun said in Bangkok yesterday.

''I have just turned 80, and so I can speak freely now,'' said the 1991-92 PM. ''This government is taking the country to hell.

''There is hardly an area of society where the effect of corruption is not being felt.

''It does not just happen by chance any more. There is a fixed strategy.

''It shouldn't be like this, but the power of money is now the ultimate authority.''

Khun Anand added that although he had had a long career in politics, he had never been as concerned about corruption in Thailand as he was today.

''Trade, business, media, government, enterprises of all kinds . . . the networks are being spread,'' he said. ''I am very alarmed by what I see.''

Under Khun Anand's 1992 government, Thailand liberalised the auto market. He has since been assigned by the UN to head a global committee to define terrorism.


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well said Khun Anand!!! Love you!

Posted by Olly on December 15, 2012 10:04


When corruption pervades an entire system from the top down, there isn't anybody who can stop it. Recently we've seen a number of people who tried to instigate change get swiftly removed. Many Thais lack any understanding about how destructive to a society corruption and bribery really are.

Corruption and bribery breeds an educated criminal generation. It blocks the free flow of business. Bribery disrupts positive projects. Bribery diverts creative energies to worries about who, if not paid, will disrupt progress and cause delay after delay. Bribery is devastating to a nation's economy. No one knows how much anything really costs; and since it is illegal money, black money, the recipients don't pay taxes on it. Two sets of books have to be kept.

Honest companies are put out of business by dishonest competitors who give and accept bribes. Such surreptitious dealings create an erosion of trust in society. Bribery is basically stealing through intimidation.

Posted by logbags on December 15, 2012 11:40

Editor Comment:

If all the money that went into private pockets had been spent on education and health, Thailand would have a bright outlook for the Asean Economic Community. Instead they will be competing with countries who have invested in education and health and the futures of all their children.


''I have just turned 80, and so I can speak freely now,''
''It shouldn't be like this, but the power of money is now the ultimate authority.''
A wise man made two points.
Welcome to LoS:
Land of Satang

Posted by Anonymous on December 15, 2012 11:51


Thais and foreigners alike, all agree with it but it is to Thai people to show their dissatisfaction with corruption and lavish life of corrupted civil servants.
Thai people thinks it is useless to show their disillusion about the Thai administration as they think nothing will change; so it is a lost of time to complaining to ombusman or Thai ministries and prefer to pay bribes or do justice their own way at last.
How many time complaints to local police end up in the bin? that is the problem without answer!

Posted by Whistle-Blower on December 15, 2012 11:54


And when i commented on the new years party you didn't publish it!

Posted by Nick aka (money number one) on December 15, 2012 13:58

Editor Comment:

You are free to make libellous allegations in the street, inside a public or private building, or shouted from your own rooftop. But not here.


It's a very astute, sad but true comment on modern trends by the ex PM. It is not just Thailand, it is every country in the world. Society is on the road to hell, led by corporate greed at the highest levels, through politicians, bankers, financiers, lawyers & virtually everyone else who can ride the gravy train. The rest of us are fed lies & scraps!

Posted by Logic on December 15, 2012 14:22


It is certainly a fact large scale corruption cannot take place without the involvement of bankers. We hear a lot about drug addiction or alcohol addiction but little about the addiction to money and power. The latter is the most destructive from my experience. Whilst the drug or alcohol addict may destroy themselves or their family, the power addicted, despotic politician can destroy or divide a whole society. The current political situation in Thailand proves this.

Posted by logbags on December 15, 2012 15:43


Having paid 1.3m baht to corrupt thai officials this year i concur with Mr Anand. Thankfully we no longer do business in the land of slimes.

Posted by Barry on December 15, 2012 18:34


yes system is out of control and is destroying education especially when people who do go through the education system are earning far less money than the people taking part in the corruption, used to be a way of rewarding now it is out of control and the losers are everyone, tuk tuk drivers pay a fortune to drive there tuk tuks hence the high prices and complaints and where does all that money go?

Posted by Michael on December 16, 2012 01:34


How nice to hear a Thai politician speak honestly, even though he is no longer in office.

Posted by fw on December 20, 2012 07:55


Have to ask the question. Why didn't he do something, when he was in power, to STOP corruption. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad now, if only he did something.

Posted by dbate_me on December 20, 2012 08:59

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