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Welcome to Phuket: The scanner checks all passengers as they arrive

Flu Alert: All Phuket Arrivals Face Thermal Scans

Monday, May 18, 2009
CHECKS for signs of the H1N1 virus on air passengers arriving on Phuket have been increased as concerns mount that the flu will have a ''second wave.''

All arrivals, both international and domestic, are now subjected to a thermal scanner, the airport's new general manager, Wing Commander Pratuang Sankom, told Phuketwan today.

A team of doctors and nurses is on standby and cards advising action if symptoms develop are being handed out to passengers.

At one stage, only direct flights from Hong Kong, Korea and Australia were subject to thermal scans on Phuket.

But now, with a sudden surge of cases in Japan and the virus detected in 37 countries, the Phuket checks have grown more intense.

So far, no traveller has caused the thermal scanner to raise concerns about their health.

Phuketwan recently saw it in action, activated by a cup of warm water.

Tourism authorities do not see the international concern about the flu adding a great burden to the industry on Phuket or in Thailand because all countries are likely to be affected.

This is not to say there will not be a slowdown in travel generally.

Wing Commander Pratuang said the two Thai Airways flights a week from Japan, on Thursday and Saturday, each carry up to 270 passengers.

The latest surge of H1N1 in Japan may lead the World Health Organisation to declare a Level 6 pandemic.

WHO's annual assembly opened in Geneva today, with about 8500 H1N1 flu cases worldwide and a sharp spike in infections in Japan.

But the death rate falls far short of early fears of the worldwide onslaught of a killer flu.

The vast majority of victims outside Mexico especially have survived the virus.

Burma Trial Likely To Trigger Phuket Condemnation
Latest: Diplomats were gathering on Phuket today amid expectations of criticism as the trial of Burma's most famous citizen began on what the world sees as trumped up charges.
Burma Trial Likely To Trigger Phuket Condemnation

MediaWATCH: Flu Surge Sweeps Japan
Latest: Japan becomes alarmed as H1N1 breaks out in schools; WHO may move to pandemic Level 6; PM talks of orange as the new red and yellow; Aung San Suu Kyi faces trial today.
MediaWATCH: Flu Surge Sweeps Japan

Phuket Schools Go Back: Roads Crowded
Latest After weeks of free flow, Phuket's road network faces a couple of big bubbles each weekday as more than 30,000 students return at more than 90 schools
Phuket Schools Go Back: Roads Crowded

Phuket Orange Sin Bins to Slow Trash Overlow
Latest: A new breed of orange wheelie bins is coming to lift Phuket's litter problem and beautify the holiday island's eastern villages. The hope is the whole island will clean up.
Phuket Orange Sin Bins to Slow Trash Overlow

Phuket Road Toll: Suddenly Cars Kill, Too
Latest: Official road toll figures for Phuket reflect a dramatic increase in the number of nonmotorcycle deaths, a reflection perhaps that speed is now adding danger.
Phuket Road Toll: Suddenly Cars Kill, Too

Boat People: Military Officials Cleared, says PM
Photo Album Thailand's Prime Minister tells a journalist in Hong Kong that the policy of pushbacks for Rohingya boat people has ceased and that officials involved have been cleared.
Boat People: Military Officials Cleared, says PM


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