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An injured Australian after the wild Patong brawl that put two in hospital

Drunken Aussie Thugs Bashed in Patong

Thursday, May 23, 2013

POLICE have named the Australian suspects as Peter John Maynard, 28, and Craig Bradly Lenard True, 29. Charges are likely to be laid once both men are out of hospital. The American has been named as John Erik Hentsch II, 28.

Original Report

PHUKET: Two drunken Australian tourists are in hospital on Phuket after patrons at a Phuket bar smashed them with fists and chairs in a wild brawl in Patong early today.

Initial reports say the Aussies went on a rampage after being refused admission to a Phuket nightclub, abusing bar patrons and smashing an American in the eye with an ashtray about 1.40am.

One of the men has a broken leg and the other has a serious eye injury. Both injuries were inflicted when tourists and Thais retaliated.

Tha Australians were in Patong Hospital today after the early-morning brawl at the Kangaroo Bar in Soi Bangla, also known as Bangla Road, Patong's famous tourist walking street, which is packed with bars and nightspots.

According to Patong police, the two Australians had enjoyed the evening and were clearly drunk when they tried to enter the Hollywood disco on Soi Bangla.

A security man refused them entry. As the two Australians retreated from the entrace back into the street, they hurled abuse at the security man, police said.

The pair wandered along Soi Bangla and went to the Kangaroo Bar, which has an Aussie theme. In the bar, they abused other patrons and hit an American in the eye with an ashtray as he sat with his girlfriend.

Other patrons and Thais turned on the Aussies, hitting them with chairs.

The fight was over by the time paramedics and police turned up but a Phuketwan photographer captured the bloody aftermath.

It's the worst incident on Phuket involving Australians since January when two expat Aussies shot two German tourists by mistake in Patong. The Australians were hoping to hit a Danish man on a motorcycle who owed them money.

John Edward Cohen, 33, and Adam Lewis Shea, 26, were last month sentenced to six months and 15 days in jail but the prison terms were suspended on condition the pair be of good behavior for two years, a verdict that surprised many people.

Today's brawl will concern Phuket police preparing to welcome the American nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz which is bringing 5500 crew and airmen to Phuket for five days of liberty leave beginning on Tuesday.

The Australians in today's brawl are expected to face serious charges.


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It will be interesting to see which one the Thai justice system deems to be a more serious crime. A drunken bar brawl or shooting in a crowded street with the intent to kill.

Posted by ThaiMike on May 23, 2013 12:09

gravatar fellow countrymen. They make you so proud.
Who said quality tourists were lacking here on Phuket??

Posted by Hugh Jarse on May 23, 2013 12:20


American servicemen in my experience behave extremely well. In Far North Queensland, Australia we had a large American ship arrive with many servicemen who probably would have outnumbered local Police but there was not a single incident. They did I believe have to return to the ship ar 11pm and said to me that if they were late they would be in huge trouble. They were disciplined and very nice guys. Also here in Phuket I have not heard many instances of them making trouble. Maybe it is the pressure of the shame they bring to the whole ship where they have to spend many months.

Posted by Lost In Translation on May 23, 2013 12:22

Editor Comment:

The Americans may behave - they usually do. (There are so many women on the warships that the term ''servicemen'' is no longer appropriate.) It's the tourists we worry about.


Serious Charges, so they should. I am sick and tired of these bogans spoiling it for every other Australian who travels overseas.
Sadly this kind of behaviour happens every day in every major city and town in Australia and when the police pick them up some magistrate slaps them on the wrist with wet lettuce and lets them go. Maybe these two will learn from time in a Thai Prison.
We can now wait for the screaming in the Aussie media about how the Government should get these bogans home because it was never there fault, like the beer mat lady.

Posted by Arthur on May 23, 2013 12:26


Another very Thai-sided article per the norm on PW. So the gist of what happened appears to be a group of thais, with maybe a foreigner or two, severely assaulted 2 other foreigners. Can PW provide names and occupations of supposed witnesses as the article itself mentions that Police, Paramedics and its journalists were not on the scene when the incident occurred. I think if the "witnesses" names and/or occupations were mentioned the real story would be more evident.

Posted by jimmy on May 23, 2013 14:00

Editor Comment:

We don't take sides, jimmy . . . although it appears that you do. With Australians allegedly bashing an American, and other tourists fighting back, how is it that PW is ''on the Thai side?'' If it had been an alleged assault on two Thais, we guess you would be applauding, like the other unfortunate expats with closed minds. As soon as charges are laid, we will publish the names of those involved. We don't have many contacts around Patong at 1.40am. Do you? If you were there, perhaps you can fill us in with other details. We'd welcome hearing from an unbiassed witness. Somebody should tell you, Jimmy, that the greatest physical danger to expats and tourists on Phuket comes from other tourists and expats.


Wow- we're attracting some really classy Australians at the moment- what ever happened to the days of acting as an Ambassador for your country when abroad? Maybe they're 5th or 6th generation brawlers who were deported from the Motherland and it's just in their blood!

Posted by Mister Ree on May 23, 2013 15:57


Mister Ree, having lived in the UK and Australia I can tell you Australia is much safer with the vast majority of Aussies being the most friendly Enlgish speaking people I have ever met. Look at the UK now, even yesterday another lunatic attack in London. Your comment only purpose seems to be to stoke up anti Australian sentiment which in my opinion serves nothing. Ed as you are Australian I am surprised you allowe the comment.

Posted by Lost In Translation on May 23, 2013 17:33

Editor Comment:

Australians are well and truly over the ''convict'' abuse, LIT. These days, the well-to-do wish they had that kind of ancestry.


Ed, you seem to have cut the last part of my comment where I asked why my previous comment had not been posted?

Posted by Lost In Translation on May 23, 2013 19:33

Editor Comment:

We don't choose to take responsibility for flip comments when we are the ones likely to suffer. Send us your real name and passport number.


Lost in translation it's interesting that you automatically assume I'm s Brit- i am not. The frenzied attack in London yesterday was conducted by at least one person of nigerian ancestry and if you;d paid more attention to my comment you may have removed your tongue from my cheek. I come from from a Dominion, and am proud of it. Recent conduct by Australians in Phuket is nothing to be proud of.

Posted by Mister Ree on May 23, 2013 22:57


And the other consequences of this fight? Police threatening to close other bars (not associated or connected to the venues named) early tonight just like has happened last year, tar all the venues witht the same brush, make all owners/staff/tourists suffer because of the actions of a few idiots on Patong's so-called (laughable) safetey zone! And justice for all as they say.....

Posted by Anonymous on May 23, 2013 23:49


What were they doing at 1:30 am? Looking for a coca cola ? Because after midnight, there was no more alcohol available, right?......

Posted by Charles on May 24, 2013 11:11


Absolute disgrace I am an aussie and have no excuse cannot hold there liquor or on drugs. I am now going to Hua Hin not many aussies or Russians but for how long?

Posted by chaseable on May 24, 2013 20:51


Who left the gate of bay 13 open at melbourne cricket ground, the Aussie yobbo is still alive an well and frequenting Thailand. The tattooed tough guy don't look so tough in that picture.

Posted by slickmelb on May 25, 2013 08:27

Editor Comment:

We believe these folks are from Perth.


People should get there story straight befor they mouth off....

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 14:53

Editor Comment:

Always interested in hearing a True story. Please tell us what happened.


Read the last name and u may click if u have a brain.... Just a fight they happen in oz all the time but we don't turn like a pack off dogs and throw chairs like weak little girls

Posted by Glynn on May 26, 2013 15:03

Editor Comment:

Err, we got that. Thanks, Glynn. We've heard nothing from anyone to suggest that the Australians didn't start the fight, and didn't earn what they got. In the past, Australians have been the victims. This time . . . well you tell us your version, and we'll confirm it with the American and others.


I would love to hear Trues storey but I am not sure if the person would no the difference truth and bulldust.

Posted by chaseable on May 26, 2013 15:12


U are the reporter can u tell the true story there is always more than one side of every story u could say there is 3 one side the other side and the media!

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 15:22

Editor Comment:

We don't have the ability to track down people who don't want to be tracked down, Tell us what happened, and we'll compare the different versions. We don't take sides.


I'm an Aussie and proud of it . I think the two dills who started the fight got their ambitions and capabilities totally confused .

Posted by John Perritt on May 26, 2013 17:03


All I know everyone well and on there way back to oz... Just one of those things that get outa hand and no one will ever get the true story.
Chaseable u were there what is the truth

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 17:10


Yes u Are correct there hit the nail right on the head... But we're i come from only weak people stand from a far and throw chairs it's one of them things that happens in a 3rd world country that is corrupt and even the government can be payed off

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 17:24


I'm Aussie and proud to... It is a shame what happens in situations like this but the facts that get shown are not always 100% bullet proof...

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 17:26


Reading articles jimmy has a valid point.. Mr reporter...

Posted by True on May 26, 2013 17:37


couple of you think there naughty boys on a overseas fun crusade WRONG!
as you can see this is not a school fight behind the shelter shed at high school, but drunken thuggery at its worst.

Posted by slickmelb on May 27, 2013 01:37


Dunno u must off been there to see the extent of the actions of the Aussies and the thias and the America buy the sounds of things... Just another fight and the contrey will always be the way it is and never any justice as long as the government can be brough off like it has been... All u have to do if fly over with a cheque book and it's all over..

Posted by True on May 27, 2013 07:08

Editor Comment:

Are you flying over? Please tell us more about your allegation.


This is appalling! First of all, no one deserves to be beaten like this. Its not acceptable for anyone to cause this sort of harm to another person.
To say that it is "just another fight they happen in oz all the time" is outrageous! This should never be acceptable behaviour!!!
Clearly the two Australians involved consumed far too much alcohol and should probably consider not drinking in the future if they are going to behave poorly.
When you travel to another country, you need to accept their laws, regardless if you agree with them or not.
Only weak people start fights.

Posted by Appalled on May 27, 2013 11:03


Yes and was it also mentioned the whole thing started buy a tranny trying to steal a wallet. Yes that part was left out

People should not try steal and thing don't happen...

Does not matter anymore... No charges were laid... Typical corrupt country

Posted by True on May 27, 2013 11:56

Editor Comment:

What makes you say that, True?


No sorry I have just arrived home... Like I said its just one of those discussing things that happen and all it took was a cheque books and all over

Posted by Rooboo on May 27, 2013 12:03

Editor Comment:

Until now you've used the name 'True' now you're Rooboo. Why is that? Surely you're not suggesting that money paid for freedom in this case?


A "tranny" trying to steal a wallet is a reasonable excuse for two grown men to attack people?
Are you suggesting that they should have been jailed instead of using the "cheque book"?
Typical people who use violence as a way to express themselves. Doubt its the first time they have assaulted anyone.

Posted by Appalled on May 27, 2013 12:26


Go USA!!!

Posted by peterh on June 7, 2013 07:55

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