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Dolphins should be celebrated not kept in captivity on Phuket

Dolphin Protesters Win Best of Phuket Award

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Phuketwan Best of Phuket Awards 2014

PHUKET: This year's Award for Environmental Excellence in Phuketwan's Best of Phuket Awards goes to the protesters who oppose the establishment of a dolphinarium on the holiday island.

Some of them are notable and proven campaigners. Others are anonymous individuals who are not well-known and simply add their voices because they don't like the idea of animals being mistreated.

In the case of the six dolphins that are said to be being prepared to journey to Phuket once all permissions have been granted, the Thai voices of university students on Phuket have been raised as well.

Last year's award winner, the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, is a great example of what's possible when people don't seek to make money from animals but simply wish to restore them to their natural environment.

Making money from keeping creatures in captivity has never seemed to be the right thing to do.

Dolphins on Phuket are celebrated for being wonderful wild creatures. To imprison six of them for the entertainment of tourists seems to us to be the wrong thing.

Animal rights have become much more important on Phuket, with more and more people speaking out against the use of slow lorises and gibbons by photo touts from time to time in Patong and Karon, Phi Phi and other offshore islands.

We'd say that people come first but speaking out and caring for so many different kinds of animals is new for Phuket. It shouldn't be forgotten that one of the big stories of 2014, the mauling of a tourist by a Tiger Kingdom tiger, created fresh concern for the beautiful creatures.

Making money from wild animals is becoming less tolerable, with the training and treatment of elephants also being more closely examined.

We wish that the sudden awareness of the importance of nature had come soon enough to save the turtles, which were once found in abundance along the Andaman Sea coast.

The dolphins were once found off Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi in substantial numbers, too.

Drawing the line on the treatment of animals for popular entertainment is a great start. Restoring the creatures to their natural environments in abundance is the next step.

As well as the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, previous winners of this award include the Phuket Marine Biological Centre, beach activist Nick Anthony, and the clever people who turned Phuket's original discarded Sarasin bridge into a tourist attraction.


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It's a shame that respect for the Tigers and Elephants isn't the same.

Posted by Tbs on December 30, 2014 23:00


Thanks phuketwan for tirelessly pushing for beach management and supporting hard issues that when acted upon make our island a better, more compassionate and caring place.. we enjoyed 11 dolphins yesterday swimming around our boat off Patong, keep dolphins in the wild.....

Posted by nick anthony on December 31, 2014 08:01


Tbs...yes....I was at Tiger Kingdom couple of days ago sad to see magnificent animals like that penned into such cramped quarters....same for dolphins....beautiful creatures made to do a song and dance act for profit....

Posted by Phuket Stan on December 31, 2014 08:20


SEA WORLD AUSTRALIA - We're speaking up for the captive performing dolphins at Sea World in Australia with the help of international and local celebrities -

Anthony La Paglia, Simon Cowell, Pamela Anderson, Olivia Newton John, Ricky Gervais, Bryan Adams, Matt Damon, Matthew Modine, Willy Nelson, Cher,Rachel Hunter, Tommy Lee, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Woody Harrelson, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Courtney Cox, Mariska Hargitay, James Gandolfini, John Leguizamo, Russell Simmons, Olivia Wilde, Scout LaRue Willis, Russell Brand, Joan Jett, Howard Stern, Aaron Paul (from 'Breaking Bad'), Kathy Najimy, Niki Taylor, Hayden Panettiere, Mayim Bialik, Meg Matthews, Chet Faker, Wil Anderson, Todd McKenny, Christine Anu, Steve Kilbey, Marcia Hines, Sia, Tyson Beckford, Sinnitta, Ewan McGregor, Steve-O, Conan O'Brien, Elvira, Josh Groban, Jason Biggs, Motley Crue, Arianna Grande, Krysten Ritter, Chloe Lattanzi, Sharni Vinson, Samantha Fox, Alexandra Paul, Jonathan Coleman, The Veronicas, Lincoln Lewis, Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Livinia Nixon, Former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic, Havana Brown, Cheyenne Tozzi, Silvana Philippoussis, Ella Hooper, Annalise Braakensiek all say:


"The whole world is up in arms about Sea World and other aquaprisons. It's time that Australians opened their eyes and became educated to the cruelty of trapping and keeping captive dolphins". June Bird Killington - Founder of SEAWORLD SHUT DOWN on Facebook.

'SEAWORLD SHUT DOWN on Facebook. The First & Only Campaign Against Sea World in Australia'

Also on Twitter @seaworldisevil

Please help us to speak up for the captive performing dolphins at Sea World on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

We love them rescuing cetaceans but we loathe them keeping dolphins as captives in their aquaprison.

The dolphins need to be rehabilitated and freed or taken to a safe sanctuary/bay/cove paid for by Sea World to live out their lives without human interference.

Greece, India, Croatia, Hungary New York, South Carolina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Slovenia, Switzerland, Brazil, Luxembourg, Norway and the U.K have already banned cetaceans in captivity and so far there are nearly 15,000 signatures on the petition and a Facebook page with 6,000 followers.

The dolphins are caught from the ocean and brought to tanks/lagoons and are also bred in captivity where they are forced to perform for paying customers and given dead fish if they do the tricks. All to make money for greedy Sea World business people.

"Sea World Gold Coast - Keeping dolphins as prisoners since the 70s"

Posted by JUNE BIRD on December 31, 2014 09:28


@Phuket Stan: If you feel sad for these animals, why do you visit the place? It's the same for everything that we feel is wrong, including the dolphinarium, which is coming up.When people keep visiting, those places will keep opening. I won't go, not to the tiger place, or the dolphin show. I do not support them with my money. Actually, it's the same for jet ski's. If nobody would use them, ever, how long do you think they would stay active?

Posted by Carl on December 31, 2014 09:51


I respect other peoples opinion and what they feel for, but I have had no problem being entertained by dolphin shows at Safari Park Bangkok, or in Singapore or HongKong, and when we go to Florida Sea-World is a must go too . That the dolphins are in captivity is one thing but it certainly does not mean that they are mistreated. I do eat meat and I don't intend to change that ... would wish that there was more attention on the welfare for animals being bred for slaughter, especially in Asia...but the attention seem to be on cute animals like puppies, dolphins, slow loris and alike

Posted by Sailor on December 31, 2014 13:41


@Sailor - "A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite." Leo Tolstoy

Posted by Tbs on December 31, 2014 17:26


I foolishly selected Phuket as a dream destination vacation on the way to India without knowing that it has become a tourist trap overrun with cheap vendors and then learning about the tiger shows, dolphins coming, and seeing the way elephants are treated. Horrifying. Now I know why this very nice hotel room is so cheap ($50/night). I have no interest in going to the beach, went as soon as I got here and realized I be killed if I got in the water. I saw a ton of turtles in Maui and my next vacation is back there. I can't believe how smelly and trashy this place is.

Posted by Julie D from San Francisco on January 3, 2015 18:15

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