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Deaths Among Swedes At New High in Thailand

Monday, May 13, 2013
PHUKET: The record number of Swedes who died in Thailand last year was no cause for alarm, a spokesman for the Swedish embassy said today.

Deaths in 2012 hit 105 - the highest ever - almost double the 55 deaths in 2007. However, Swedish visitors fell after the 2004 tsunami and have only returned in recent years to high numbers.

Mr Kageby said 41 percent of last year's deaths among Swedes were accidental - motorcycle crashes, drownings, electrocutions and balcony falls included.

Four young Swedes died in one freakish crash north of Phuket when a truck became airborne and crushed them and their Thai taxi driver.

The death rate among Swedes has remained relatively high with 28 fatalities recorded in the first three months of 2013.

''The Swedes who live in Thailand are also growing older, so nature takes its course among them,'' Mr Kageby said.

''What Swedes need to remember is that the insurance coverage they have in Sweden and throughout the EU does not exist in Thailand.

''People who visit as tourists or who come here to live should remember the importance of insurance.''

About 400,000 Swedes visit Thailand each year and a large proportion of them travel to Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.

Some 540 Swedes were among the 5400 victims of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.


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No need for alarm? most find the motorcycle ,road & drowning toll most alarming
the accidental electrocutions are mostly lack of safety standards & codes of practice for electricians,anyone doubts that look up the story where a tourist gets out of a swimming pool at a new resort touches a hand rail and his life was over,has anything been done to address these avoidable electrocutions NO! The swedish embassy should note these accidents and deaths by misadventure know no color race or creed its not just swedes if its a record for sweden how are other countries faring one wonders?
Embassys request of the phuket government proper earthing and circuit breakers now, no more needless deaths
by the so called (not our fault)its accidental electrocutions
Ed look forward to your imput & comment

Posted by slickmelb on May 13, 2013 22:08

Editor Comment:

One wonders, as you say. Every death should trigger a review designed to prevent a repetition. Without statistical breakdowns (no official figures for drownings and the Phuket road toll) and a forum to strike comparisons among expats (no honorary consuls meeting since September) it's difficult to know whether or not avoidable deaths are being contained or are increasing.


The spokesman for the Swedish embassy is very much ill-informed as this news has been splattered over every frontpage newspaper in Sweden, and I can assure you that many Swedes are alarmed.

Posted by reader on May 14, 2013 02:35

Editor Comment:

The Swedish embassy is in the best position to look at the individual cases and determine the circumstances. Life in Thailand is full of outdoor activities and for many these are what cause the problems. With an ageing population of residents expats, deaths are bound to increase among Swedes, as they have with groups from other nations. As Phuketwan reports and repeats, drownings and the road toll claim too high a proportion of deaths among all expats - and all residents. More should be done to reduce both tolls. Having an open forum on Phuket every three months where honorary consuls could raise these and other issues was a contribution by Phuket governors to awareness and possible solutions. No honorary consuls' forum has been held for the past eight months.


Where is your source for this story?

Posted by Lars on May 17, 2013 23:23

Editor Comment:

The information comes, as the article says, from the Swedish embassy.

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