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Britih Expat Charged After Fatal Collision Kills Teen Phuket Student

Friday, November 8, 2013
PHUKET: A British woman at the wheel of a car that struck a student on a motorcycle will face court on a serious charge now that the rider has died.

Faye Louise Taylor, 39, was informed that she faces a count of careless driving causing a death as a result of the crash at the airport t-junction on Thepkasattri Road soon after midnight on Thursday morning.

The Toyota Altis she was driving turned left towards the airport and struck a Honda Dream motorcycle being ridden by Patipan Lawan, 17, who as in Eleventh Grade at Muang Thalang School.

The teenager was heading in the same direction, north along the main Phuket highway, when the car forced him left and his motorcycle struck a utility pole.

With serious head injuries, Khun Patipan was taken first to Thalang Hospital and then on to the better-equipped Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City, where he died.

His death was followed later on Thursday by another death when a pickup travelling along Phuket's west coast road hit a ditch between Patong and Kamala.

Thirteen workers in the back and the driver were injured, and one passenger later died. Two patients remain in a serious condition in Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Road toll updates for Phuket ceased in April last year so there has been no figure revealed for 2012 or for 2013.

As a result, residents and tourists do not have an accurate idea of whether the roads are more risky or the battle to reduce the toll is being won.

Phuketwan supports the Mothers or Motorcycles (MoM) road safety awareness campaign and 100 percent helmet usage for motorcycle riders.


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A question i like to ask since a long time....
Is it legal for motorbikes (and cars) to overtake cars which are driving already in the left lane?
What does the law say? (not the police opinion)

Posted by Mr. K on November 8, 2013 11:48


Expats should have dash camcorder installed on car. You all should already know why...
(in phuket you can get one from junkceylons top floor)

Posted by J on November 8, 2013 14:08


This may have no bearing on this incident but I have noticed many local motorcyclists remove their helmet and place it in the basket in front of the bike totally blocking the headlight so no-one can see them coming at night. Such baskets should be made illegal.

Posted by chill on November 8, 2013 15:43


@J. Good advice, but would it record instances of motorbikes coming up the inside of your vehicle?

At least the expat driver didn't flee from the scene.

Posted by Andy on November 8, 2013 17:55


@ Mr. K
In case, it is a drive lane:
Land traffic act (google it, there are some translated versions online)
2 or more driving lanes for the same direction, you (cars, motos, ....) can overtake in the left lane.

But it clearly says driving lanes. so not on the side of the road, not in a parking lane. But anyway, without a lawyer and bringing it to court, you won't have a chance. One reason: the car has mostly an insurance, that will cover that, the other, you wanna let it go away, quickly.

Posted by Anonymous on November 8, 2013 17:57


If the motorbike driver was driving on the shoulder of the turning lane, which starts about 200m before the turnoff, then he is at fault.

Ms Taylor should contact her insurance agency. They have the strongest motivation of any locals to prove she was not at fault.

Posted by ThaiMike on November 8, 2013 21:18


So let me understand this- motorist in a legal lane gets passed on the inside by motorcyclist as she turns legally in a marked lane and gets charged because he got hit. Sort of like the old Winston Kodogo sketch from Not the Nine O'Clock News- S'cuse me madam you are guilty for being a falang in Phuket- if you weren't here the collision would never have happened so it's your fault.

Posted by Mister Ree on November 8, 2013 23:14


@Thai Mike
Sorry, but: No, they don't! They wanna settle. I remember a case in Kamala, accident car/moto. very late in the night, 4 lanes, solid double line between the directions, car turning, motocycle out of nowhere in the right door.
Underage driver, no helmet, crossing the lines himself, in a 'impressive' start from the 7/eleven, 50m opposite the driving direction. Long story short: Before the driver, with no alcohol (tested) in the blood, of the car spoke to the insurance, the 'My fault-agrement' was signed by the insurance guy, so that the hospital had a payer. As the guy came in, it was only the question, if he signed his part, or if the insurance had to stop the money flow. There was a strong suggestion from all connected parties, that he did sign it. Plus a 'bit' fine, no one wanted 'facts' on the table.
Insurances can and have to help, Fullstop. As long only few have them, it will not change.

Posted by Anonymous on November 9, 2013 02:27


Cams are very popular in other parts of the world....Insurance fraud is so rife in Russia that most people now have cams installed. Is it any wonder the only real footage of the meteor which came down in Russia earlier this year was from these such cams. Google glass is the next step with future uprgades promising to have an always on video cache which will allow for a 60 second rewind whenever you desire.....can you just imagine the news bulletins of the future where virtually all events are captured......

Posted by Ty on November 9, 2013 05:11


- Anonymous

My experiences differ from yours. I've been involved in a few fender benders, none of them my fault.

A Thai man bumped into my car from behind, we stopped and he admitted fault. Paid up 1/3 of real expense but I was ok with it since it was just a scratch.

Another time I was sideswiped by a young Thai guy and we stopped. While I went for my paperwork, he fled the scene. I gave chase and called the police at the same time. They were not interested. I managed to catch up with him many times but had no means to detain him. Took video and went to the police. They gave me the details on that license plate, enabling me to identify them. They were helpful but I never bothered to pursue it further.

A soengthaew hit me and we stopped. He did not want to admit guilt so I called my insurance. Despite it being 6.20am, the inspector was there in 25min. He told the driver in no uncertain terms it's either pay up Bt 3500 or it will be claimed on his insurance. He paid up.

Another Thai man hit me and this started to threaten me with his powerful police friends. I took a picture of his car, the damaged parts, him and told him I'm not a stupid tourist he can intimidate. I went back in my car and called my insurance. He was calling his "boys". They both arrived around the same time and when the "boys" saw the inspector, they never even engaged him. The driver admitted guilt in writing and I was given a repair "voucher" and list of shops I can use to get my car fixed. All done in about 45min total.

A Thai teenager on a bike hits me from behind when I slow down and indicate I'm pulling in to park. He got very agitated and had around 15 friends with him. I calmly said it's your fault and I don't want anything from you but he insisted I pay for his broken mirror etc. An elderly Thai man who did not even see the incident encouraged him to fleece the Farang, obviously not knowing I can speak Thai.

I called the inspector and the kid called the dad of his friend. Both came and immediately determined I was not at fault. I said I was sorry to trouble them but the kid was getting very rude and aggressive so I had no choice. They both lambasted the kid in front of me and made him wai and apologize. Hands shaken and case closed.

If I'm found to be guilty, my insurance company has to pay. It would be counterproductive for them to try to coerce me to admit guilt.

I'm not saying what you said is not true, it just doesn't make any sense.

Then again this is not exactly the bastion of logic so who knows.

My advice is - always call your insurance company, NOT the police. Let them deal with whoever turns up. They know the law and the rules and can't be cheated.

Posted by ThaiMike on November 11, 2013 19:16

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