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The pond at Nai Harn where a second boy drowned this afternoon

Second Boy Drowns at Phuket Beach Pond

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Supatanwa Choopert, 6, pulled unconscious from the Nai Harn pond, died at Vachira Phuket Hospital on Sunday evening. Questions are likely to be asked about who was responsible for his safety and whether the pond should be closed to all swimmers.

Original Report

PHUKET: Doctors are fighting to save the life of a six-year-old boy after he was pulled unconscious from the water near a spot at a Phuket beach where a seven-year-old boy drowned on New Year's Eve.

Late today the boy was rushed to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City where staff were trying to revive him.

He was pulled from the water this afternoon at a pond where water flows from Nai Harn Lake to the sea at the southern end of the beach - an estuary that is a popular spot for picknickers because it seems safer than the rolling seas.

However, the pond is not patrolled by the beach lifeguards, a spokesperson for the Phuket Lifeguard Club said today.

''We have been shocked by the two incidents and will call on the local municipality to close the pond to swimmers,'' the spokesperson said.

''The pond area is the responsibility of the local council. If they cannot guarantee its safety, then the area must be closed.''

On December 31, seven-year-old Methee Khunsuinhu drowned in the channel between the lake and the pond.

Tourists spotted the boy and jumped into the water to try to revive him, to no avail.

The boy was briefly kept on life-support at Vachira Phuket Hospital at the request of his family, although doctors admitted he never stood a chance of surviving.

The boy who was pulled from the water today was at the spot with his family on a weekend outing, according to early reports.

It's near the spot where a third boy, Max, 8, drowned on a family outing in similar circumstances on New Year's Day, 2010.

Phuket Public Health officials are still compiling the figures for drownings and the road toll on Phuket for 2011. No reason has been given for the delay.

Phuket's drowning tally to the end of November stands at 35 with one month's figures yet to be compiled, compared with 37 drownings on Phuket in 2010 and 57 recorded in 2009.

The total covers all drownings on and around Phuket, not just those at beaches. A Chinese tourist is reported to have drowned off Coral Island on Thursday.

Based on figures to the end of November, the road toll is likely to be down significantly in terms of deaths, but not injuries, most of which are associated with motorcycles.


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If the pond is not patrolled then maybe it's time it was, all life is precious to have this stretch of water take any more young life's would be criminal.

I'm sure from the money Phuket gains from all its tourism there would be more than enough to cover the minimal cost of an extra life guard funded by the local government .

Posted by Scunner on February 5, 2012 20:52


It is always like this on family outings.... "Tourists spotted the boy and jumped into the water ...". Make me wonder, where is the family? At least not looking after their children.

Posted by Hockey on February 5, 2012 20:54


Why not just fill it in? There's plenty of sand around - make it 2 feet deep or less, everywhere.

Posted by Eric on February 5, 2012 23:22


I will never understand these stories...Just WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!

Posted by kobee on February 6, 2012 02:59


Having lifeguarded in Australia and UK for 20 years,and lived in Phuket the rest of the year for 10 years also..I am shocked at the casual attitude shown by Thai parents to taking care of their small children on the beach or near any water.
Fact: Most drownings take place in less than 10cms of water.
Fact: Most drownings take 30 seconds or less.
Fact: Most drownings are silent..not people splashing around trying to survive.
Arm bands,swim jackets sold in Thailand mostly cause small children to go "face down" in the water..and are thus making situation worse.
Ditto life jackets used on speed boats.
Parents..if near the sea/pond/lake/or even big fountain..stay within arms length of your children.
17% of the swimmers drowned on Karon beach are Russian...surely the safety signs should be in Russian.

No politics in this..Most Thai lifeguarding is badly supervised, badly trained. Staff wander off to chat to jet skis, get food, or even on Karon beach drink beer. Many of the individuals are careful, brave and conscientious.
Slowly slowly slowly tourism in Phuket is dying the death of a thousand bad vibes,and when everyone wakes up it will be too late.
All business owners and property owners,Thai or Farang need to face facts -- with the possible exception of drunken farang brawls, and unskilled motorbike renters..your business and or property is worth less with every crash, drowning, gun and drug episode.

Phuket cannot go back to straw palm huts and a few hippies as in reality those were poverty stricken days for many locals.
For an example of how fast things can go bad note see how totally the tourist businesses of Egypt, Tunisia, Parts of Turkey, Middle Italy, Greece, and parts of Philippines have collapsed.

Two years ago millions..literally millions this year a few thousand.

An official travel warning invalidates all travel insurance..when a warning is issued tourist travel has to drop.

For the fast effect of the real drop in tourist numbers..consider:
Tui is now having to pay for its airplane fuel in advance.
Thomas Cook was hours away from bankruptcy and is now not getting any credit.

Several Russian agencies are suddenly shut.

Even the mighty Kuoni is losing money and only saved by the millions it make administrating Farang Visas with its VFS business operating worldwide.

Wake up Phuket before it's too late.


Posted by lifeguard on February 6, 2012 05:13


@Lifeguard, so true but remember a child can drown in water, two inches deep.
As long as there is a no care attitude, these drownings will still take place. Thailand and Thais themselves, love the idea that they can do what they want, free from rules. So put away western ideas about safety, this is Thailand, land of the free. Just make sure it is not your kids.

Posted by Robin on February 6, 2012 08:52


I have been taking my children to this spot and yes it has some deep places but that also changes with the years storms as it gets filled in a deeper depending on the storms. Either way you have to supervise your kids and keep an eye on other people's kids as we are all in this life together. Since when did I need life guards, I have been swimming daily here for 30 years. When I came here we had nothing and no one complained nowadays you're a bunch of born complainers.

Posted by Capt Canada on February 6, 2012 10:31

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