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The road that was badly undermined during this week's Phuket flood

Big Phuket Storm's Toll Still Being Counted

Saturday, August 25, 2012
PHUKET: The landslip that holed the Patong Hill road after heavy rain this week has been widely reported.

Less well known is this yet-to-be repaired section of the Kathu-Kor Kaew Road, where the severe storm also tumbled two power poles.

The result: residents in the district nearby are still without power, and no repairs have been made yet to the crumbling road's surface and underpinning.

Authorities in Phuket City are still assessing the total storm damage and delivering aid where needed.


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Anyone driving up to Rang Hill (Phuket City) should also be aware that a small part of the outer side of the road near the top slided away with the latest rain storm. Its possible to pass but would not recommend driving there if another rain storm pouring down.

Posted by Harald on August 26, 2012 07:18


Seems like a lack of foresight by the "powers that be". The problem is that the water can't be controlled and it will do what it wants to do no matter what!
You can't "pay it off" or threaten it if it doesn't do what you want. It must be taken into account when building things.

Posted by Ty on August 26, 2012 11:31


How is the above picture looking today? Or the hole in the road, direkt in front of the 24h animal hospital, that i almost fall in, yesterday evening, with a motorcycles. They 'repaired' it already 3 times (had a refill sticker, I guess), in the last 2 years. This time, if they refill, they need minimum the asphalt for filling up a barrel. So they will use for 80% of it pure sand, me think. Save costs. I'm awaiting these happens (the hole, first, the refilling, later) before the temple, aside of land and house, Chao Faah East, too. The 'klong', they covered with the road, there are sinkholes for 2 years already. Refilled with asphalt, no one repaired the sub-ground! Too much work, for too little money?

Posted by ??? on August 27, 2012 14:49


Oh, I passed the hole at the 24h animal hospital, Chao Fah Road East, Chalong. In the morning, still a hole. Now, in the afternoon, filled with sand and covered with asphalt. It was a heavy rain day, does anyone know/think, they tried to take care the reason for the sinking road surface, this time? It's now a 3 times bigger patch. Does that mean, it will be a 3x bigger sinkhole, in the end of the monsoon season?
Advice: Don't drive in the left lane, at the animal hospital.
Good: Only motorcycles driving in the left lane, usually.
Bad: direkt there is the driveway to the hospital and other privat areas.

Posted by ??? on August 27, 2012 17:34

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