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The spectacular blaze took 10 fire trucks an hour to put out tonight

Big Phuket City Blaze Causes 10 Million Baht in Damage

Sunday, June 30, 2013
PHUKET: A fire caused an estimated 10 million baht in damage to the TT & T offices in Phuket City tonight with police suspecting arson.

The fire in Thepkasattri Road was spotted about 7.30pm and quickly spread to engulf a warehouse. Ten fire trucks took about an hour to bring the blaze under control.

A security officer said there was a concern that the fire could have been started by recently-sacked staff.


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Amazing fire fighting clothing Nylon Tracksuit tops & shorts & Flip Flops. No wonder they cannot get near the fire even the few Nomex coats that we can see in the pictures they are matched with shorts & flip flops!

Posted by Onlooker on July 1, 2013 07:37


Onlooker: my thoughts exactly! How come, in a Province that brings so much money in, the firer fighters can't get an appropriate equipment? What if they have to go inside a burning building to rescue someone? They'll go with shorts and flip flops?

Posted by Chris on July 1, 2013 09:31


Hmm...I could be wrong Onlooker & Chris but I'm assuming that when duty calls most of these guy's are literally jumping out of they're beds from home or the one's that you see wearing casual clothes could be volunteer's. But the point is that you shouldn't assume that fire fighter's in Thailand are at all like the ones we have in the west with well equipped fire house's and such. Just a thought.

Posted by SparkPlug on July 2, 2013 05:24

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