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Bangkok Embassies Begin Warning Citizens to Stay Away from Thailand or Display Caution

Friday, January 10, 2014
PHUKET: Canadians are among the nationalities now being warned by envoys about possible trouble at a large anti-government protest in Bangkok on Monday.

''Please exercise a high degree of caution as protests have the potential to suddenly turn violent,'' Canadians who have registered for email updates from their embassy in Bangkok are being told.

Other countries are taking a more extreme approach. According to the Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait's Ambassador, Abdullah Al-Sharhan called on Kuwaiti citizens in Thailand to leave the country immediately and suggested Kuwaitis call off planned trips.

The Philippine Embassy in Thailand has warned Filipinos in the country to avoid wearing red and yellow so they would not be accused of showing support for the opposing political parties.

''Large crowds and demonstrations should be avoided as there have been incidents of violence with some fatalities,'' the embassy said in an advisory posted on their Facebook page.

''Participating and/or showing support in any form to any of the parties is strongly discouraged. For information, the red and yellow colors are closely identified with some of the parties involved,'' it said.

A Hong Kong government spokesman today reminded residents that in view of continuing demonstrations and the latest developments in Thailand (Bangkok), the red Outbound Travel Alert for Thailand (Bangkok) remains in force.

The OTA for other parts of Thailand remains at amber.

Residents in parts of Bangkok usually popular with tourists report fewer visitors have been sighted as the Thai capital prepares for one of its most testing days on Monday.

The protesters, determined to end the government of Yingluck Shinawatra and her powerbroker brother Thaksin, reject the compromise of a February 2 national election and want reforms implemented to end corruption and nepotism.

On Phuket and in many other southern provinces, candidates have been unable to register because of protesters. Thousands of people from Phuket and the south are expected to flock to Bangkok over the weekend.

The US embassy is advising Americans to set aside extra time when travelling to or from airports in Bangkok and to consider using public transport.

''These demonstrations can result in significant traffic disruptions and delays . . . We advise you to plan ahead.

''It is prudent to ensure you have a week's supply of cash, keep your mobile communications devices charged, and stock a two week supply of essential items such as food, water, and medicine,'' reads a warning posted on the US embassy site.

The Canadian embassy warns its citizens: ''Large-scale demonstrations are ongoing in Bangkok are expected to intensify starting on January 13, 2014.

''These protests are expected to cause major disruptions to transportation, are likely to result in the closure of certain government buildings (including the Government Complex Center at Chaeng Wattana where visitor and resident visas are issued).

''You should plan your movements very carefully, allow for extra commuting time, and identify alternate routes in case you encounter blockages.

''We recommend you avoid the following locations as they have been identified by protest leaders as important demonstration sites: Asok-Sukhumvit, Pathumwan, Lumpini, Victory Monument, Ratchaprasong, Lat Prao, Silom, and Chaeng Wattana Government Complex.

''Other areas could also be affected. Access to various goods and services could be disrupted as a result of transportation blockages in Bangkok. Plan accordingly.

''Note that the current situation may also affect access to the Canadian embassy in Bangkok (Abdulrahim Place, 990 Rama IV road). It is important that you verify our website regularly and call ahead before visiting our offices in order to receive the latest updates.

''Please exercise a high degree of caution as protests have the potential to suddenly turn violent. Avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings, follow the advice of local authorities and monitor local media.

''We recommend, if possible, that Canadians get in touch with their family and emergency contacts in Canada to confirm your whereabouts and wellbeing, even if you have not been affected by this event.

''If you have already left and are no longer in Thailand, please send an email to our Registration of Canadians Abroad email address in order to end your registration in our system.''


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Yellow and red impossible. Blue is also dangerous as it was the color of fake yellows. Then do not wear black also, as that is the color of the "specialists" with guns on both sides.

Best is to wear green. Or go in squares. And do not show'n'blow whistles. Or flutes. Even transverse flutes. As suddenly other transverse flute players may join your rabble rousing.

Posted by Lena on January 10, 2014 23:10

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