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Bangkok Declared Under State of Emergency from Wednesday: Yingluck Reacts to Protest Pressure

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
PHUKET: An emergency decree will be implemented from midnight tonight covering Bangkok and the surrounding region for 60 days.

The decree, implemented after Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra met with officials this afternoon, is designed to give authorities a greater say over what anti-government protesters do next.

The decree limits the number of people who may gather in one spot and can be used to censor media coverage. Suspects can also be more easily detained.

The imposition of the decree follows eight days of the Shutdown Bangkok campaign that has paralysed parts of the capital and led to cancellations by many tourists.

In Phuket and across the southern provinces, many government offices have also been closed since the campaign began last Monday.

Khun Yingluck called a national election for February 2 but it seemed unlikely to deliver enough candidates to become a legitimate result without government intervention.


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What is the limit of people allowed to gather? Do we know what is allowed and not? i.e is a shopping mall a gathering?

can this be revoked within the 60 days? if so by who?

Posted by paul on January 21, 2014 19:33


A step in the right direction.

Your rights to protest end where they start to infringe on mine.

If rule of law is not re-established and fast, anarchy will be unstoppable.

Ever since the BKK airport siege in 2008 Thai people have learned that in the name of whatever protest they can do anything and everything without any legal consequences whatsoever.

Enough is enough. It has to stop. Arrest and jail the lawbreakers, regardless of political alliance.

Call in the army to provide the muscle if the police force is, as usual, too weak to do their duty.

Posted by ThaiMike on January 21, 2014 19:54


Yawn. Think I'm going to stop reading the news for a while. Happy Holiday's people...

Posted by Sean on January 21, 2014 20:44


we already booked march 5, 2014 is our flight, is it possible to go their?

Posted by Anonymous on January 22, 2014 05:25

Editor Comment:

Sure, there's no indication of problems for tourists in Bangkok except for traffic.


it amazes me that farangs like thai mike, interfere in thai politics
as a falang its got sweet f/all to do with you mike

Posted by ayjay on January 22, 2014 08:55


You're right, ThaiMike! It's about time to stop that undemocratic and violent rabble-rouser Suthep! And yes, it is violent to shut down a whole town.

Posted by mikenr on January 22, 2014 11:12


Why do you feel "amazed" that farangs have an oppinion in thai politics? Where would Thailand be without the farangs and their money? Many of us live and work here and/or are married to a thai national. So I think it's okay to have an oppinion in what's going on here, like my thai wife has an oppinion what's going on in german politics. And one more thing: no western country, not even one, supports the undemocratic aims of Suthep. This you should think about as well.

Posted by mikenr on January 22, 2014 11:25

Editor Comment:

All governments support all other legitimately elected governments. They never encourage people to think differently - that would be against their own best interests. No surprises there, mikenr.


- ayjay

Since when is voicing an opinion on a forum like this considered "interference in Thai politics" ?

If I was to go out and participate in demonstrations or organize my own, your claim might hold water.

However I live and work here 100% legally and it amazes me how some foreigners living in Thailand (assuming you do) seem to consider they have no right or say about anything that happens and goes on in this country.

Thai politics affect virtually everyone who lives in Thailand, regardless of nationality or even immigration status.

If it has " f/all to do with" you then I guess you must live on an isolated sovereign island off Phuket.

This society has accepted my residency and employment here and I most certainly do have the right to voice my opinion about matters in and around Thailand.

I am not a guest here. A guest comes and goes. I've been living here close to 10 years now. If you are happy to surrender your basic human rights, that's your problem but I don't enjoy bending over backwards like you obviously do.

Posted by ThaiMike on January 22, 2014 11:48

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