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Stephan Buczynski, found dead off Patong, died from drowning, police say

Bangkok Autopsy Confirms Dutchman Died from Drowning

Thursday, January 24, 2013
PHUKET: An autopsy in Bangkok has confirmed that a Dutchman found in the sea off Patong beach earlier this month died from drowning.

Patong police sent the body of Stephan Henricus Maria Buczynski, 26, to Bangkok to confirm the finding of a local doctor at Patong Hospital.

Mr Buczynski carried a large sum of money in a watertight bag around his neck and had a four-centimetre cut on the back of his head.

He was one of four expat men to die in Patong on January 13. A total of 10 expats died in Patong in the 10 days between January 11 and January 20.

Mr Buczynski parents, already on Phuket, are expected to accompany their son's body home.

Two Australians involved in an unrelated argument with Mr Buczynski and a friend days before the drowning have already flown home.


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So, case closed?

Posted by Lena on January 24, 2013 22:01


Okay, the official cause of death was drowning but what caused that? Perhaps the 4 cm cut at the back of his head? and where or whom did that come from?

Posted by Anonymous on January 24, 2013 22:40


This is unbelievable, it takes 2 autopsies to confirm that the man drowned, we all know the man drowned as he was found floating out in the water, but what was that huge gash doing in his head?

This is an insult to the family of the man.

Another mysterious death on Phuket and it smells of cover up.

Posted by Glassy on January 25, 2013 02:59


Died from drowning???....was that after the blow to his head?

Posted by sky on January 25, 2013 07:17


Hmmm...So the "four-centimetre cut in the back of his head, indicating a strike from a blade" as previously reported had nothing to do with it then?

Posted by NomadJoe on January 25, 2013 13:52


I thought I had read that late Mr. Buczynski had a huge headwoubd on his head. Caused by a proppelor, a blade or something heavy. Now I only read about drowning, but what causes the headwound or I'm mistaking two different cases.
Anyhow RIP for Mr. Buczynski and strenght for his family & friends.

Posted by PhuketExpat on January 25, 2013 16:56


@phuket expat dont try to understand you will never understand. The fashion in phuket those years its drowning no matter what people think have a good sunday cheers

Posted by Ratatoee on January 26, 2013 14:57


People, if the doctors @ patong hospital concluded he died from drowning - undoubtably after investigation - and then the autopsy reveals the same ... guess what ? He died from drowning. How low are your opinions of Thai doctors !?! Waterproof wallet full of money ? He wasn't robbed. He was swimming.

Most likely (admittedly speculation) his head was hit by a boat after he drowned - otherwise the autopsy result would have been different. Difficult to spot in the water I would imagine. The "captain" mustn't have stopped to investigate. No surprise there. He was probably scared.

Big difference between the attitudes of SOME local "captains", who may choose to hide a wrong, and doctors, who are professional people with integrity.

I thought the comments section to this would be empty with people winding their necks in. Obviously underestimated your cynicism.

RIP sir. Deepest condolences to your family.

Posted by James on January 27, 2013 11:57

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