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Angles and curves and white, with views: the new Phuket Nakalay

Phuket's New Nakalay, More Hesort than Resort

Friday, January 29, 2010
Photo Album Above: Take the Tour

IF BLACK is the new white and white is the new black, then Nakalay is Phuket's new Kalim.

The theory holds that Kalim is gradually becoming the place where stylish Phuket types hang out in between forays into Patong.

So Absolute Nakalay Beach Resort, just that little bit further up the coast, is ideal for those who wish to make occasional forays into Kalim, or perhaps even beyond occasionally.

There's certainly more than a touch of Kalim's landmark White Box about the look and feel of this crisp boutique hesort (*see paragraph below) which opened with a cocktail party on Wednesday evening.

Although Nakalay carries the beach resort label, the seashore lies just a little way off. Access to the sand? Just a matter of negotiation, at this stage, with local authorities.

The place itself, while bright and white in a way that will appeal to modernists, is probably more hesort than shesort.

A hesort is a place that we feel has more appeal to men than women, although these days, just as white is the new black and black is the new white, it's sometimes difficult to be sure.

Phuket, remember, is the land of the ladyboy katoey too, so it's hardly surprising that Nakalay, in our search for metaphors for the island, also provides a smattering of grey among the black and the white.

Absolute Bangla Suites in Patong, with its red and black decor and Orgasm rooftop eatery, bar and pool, represents the ultimate hesort. Or perhaps we should say, to avoid unintended adjectival brand confusion, the absolute hesort.

The Nakalay? On our hesort scale, it's more he but with touches to please she. There's a fitness centre for pumping iron and a sufficient dollop of spa pools.

On any given day, though, if a female guest wanted to head off north to shop at Kamala or Surin, Nakalay could just as easily be a shesort.

The 33 white-grey-black apartments have a central pool and pleasing views to sand and pier. The six penthouses offer splendid spiral staircases, sun decks and space to party, although there's very little that says ''This is Thailand'' about Nakalay.

It's an addition to Phuet's offerings that has wide international appeal. Room rates for studios start at 6500 baht.
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This isn't a news story. It's an advertisement. Don't waste readers' time nor insult readers' intelligence by showing us unlabeled advertising.

Editor: It's not unlabelled advertising. A large proportion of our readership are interested in learning about new resorts as they open . . . and that's news. It's one of the popular regular elements that distinguishes Phuketwan from other outlets. If we do paid editorial, readers are informed. Your definition of news just happens to be different. It would be wrong to assume everyone shares your needs and tastes

Posted by No News is bad news on February 1, 2010 04:38


Editor, whether you got paid for writing this or not, it *is* unlabelled advertising. Do you see any line in that article that wouldn't have been gleaned from an advertisement? I sure don't.

There's no mention of problem areas There's no adjective in the article that wouldn't please the real estate agent. With words like "dollop", "hesort", "splendid", "stylish", and "crisp", it reads like an exercise in writing flowery ad copy while under the influence of happy juice.

Editor: It's a ''hesort'' that has been labelled a beach resort, even though a connection to the beach has yet to be established. We are sure the agents will understand that we had to point that out. Perhaps you need to re-read the article, with brain engaged? Sorry, we're stuck with the English language, and, so it seems, your constant uninformed carping.

Posted by No News is bad news on February 2, 2010 03:58


Sounds like just the kind of place for a ladyboy scrounging tourist to indulge his fantasies. OK, we accept it's an advertisement, but why carry nonsense like this as a lead story. Editorial privilege also carries responsibility. Use it.

Editor: What sort of an editor would I be if I edited the pages at the whim of a couple of bossy, self-righteous readers? We review new resorts regularly. Our reviews, unlike those in most other places, are independent and reliable. Like it or loathe it, we aren't changing our approach, or altering the decision-making process.

Posted by PAG on February 4, 2010 22:56

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