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Phuket's barbed-wire battle line . . . along the Mai Khao Dream shorefront

Phuket's Barbed Wire Beach: Photo Special

Monday, April 5, 2010
Photo Album Above

A LINE of barbed wire in the photograph above defines a resort villa property from Phuket's Sirinath National Park, which borders the beach at Mai Khao. The beach is just a few steps away, to the left.

The barbed wire was erected on the orders of park rangers, and it has the property owner in Mai Khao wondering: What happened to our Mai Khao Dream?

Phuketwan visited the frontline today in the latest surprising battle between developers and authorities who have suddenly decided to erect the barbed wire barrier between almost-completed villas of the six-star Mai Khao Dream and the Phuket beach.

In walking to the beach for a swim, the guests of the resort and the villa and condominium owners will be stepping across national park.

Nearby, along the Mai Khao beachfront, the West Sands Phuket property sits in a similar location But a public pathway runs between the West Sands property and the national park. There is no barbed wire.

Villagers around the Mai Khao Dream are equally puzzled by the barbed wire barrier. Manoch Saitong, who once led a local campaign and a lengthy blockade over tree felling at West Sands, says: ''We don't understand this. The Mai Khao Dream people have not damaged the national park.

''If the national park wants to put up barbed wire, they should stretch it along the entire park coast, which runs for 10 kilometres.''

The wire went up about two weeks ago. The director of the national park, Nontavit Jaturabunthid, told Phuketwan that rangers wanted to protect their national parkland.

However, a barbed wire barrier makes it hard for the Mai Khao Dream team to enjoy a dip in the Andaman, fresh from their under-construction accommodation.

An engineer on the site, who declined to reveal his name, said: ''I don't understand why they didn't come to talk to management here before putting up their barbed wire.

''There is an investment of about one billion baht in the Mai Khao Dream project. Buyers don't want barbed wire, and they don't deserve this.''

He added that he was far more concerned about the effect of the barbed wire on the future of the project than the red shirts in Bangkok.
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Read on a forum recently a guy tried to land on a jetski at Nakalay Beach between Patong and Kamala and he got chased away.

Last year I tried to get on the beach where the Trisara Resort is between Layan and Nai Thon and was told I couldn't unless I was a resident!

...and it's been well reported what goes on at Paradise Beach and Nui Beach.

Posted by phuketrex on April 5, 2010 19:09


Obviously putting up barbed wire is a lot easier than getting out of their office chairs and patrolling. Are these the same rangers who tend to sleep soundly when chainsaws cuts down trees in the park?

Posted by Dave Williams on April 16, 2010 18:53

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