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Nai Yang, once a pleasant beach, now tarnished in a garbage dispute

Phuket Protesters Slam Beach Garbage, Land Takeovers

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
ABOUT 100 people from Nai Yang, once one of Phuket's most appealing quiet beaches, protested at Provincial Hall in Phuket City today about garbage and public land.

The protesters said that local mayor Surapong Panyawai was now only having the garbage of his supporters collected, leading to garbage building up in the whole district.

The local Sakoo council sent people on trips overseas for protects rather than spending its tax money on the community, the protesters said.

A large billboard had also gone up declaring public land was private land when the case involving the dispute was still before the courts, the protesters said.

A Bus Bar and other private ventures had gone on land that many considered public, the protesters said.

Nai Yang beach borders Sirinath National Park, but the border is unclear.

The protesters said today that a third issue was the sale of alcohol by premises in Nai Yang that did not have permission to sell alcohol.

The protest is the latest chapter in a ''greed rush'' that is gradually enveloping all Phuket beaches as locals seek to commercialise them and cash in on public access and increasing tourism.

Phuket Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkhowsuttarak called for a meeting on Wednesday at Thalang District Office between the key people which he believes will ''deliver justice.''
Phuket Yachtie Four 'Slaughtered by Pirates'
Latest Two reliable news sources are reporting that four American yachties on a boat that set sail from Phuket have been killed by Somali pirates. The Quest was stocked with Bibles.
Phuket Yachtie Four 'Slaughtered by Pirates'

Taming Phuket's Tuk-Tuks: What the Governor Plans to Do Next
Exclusive Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha explains his tuk tuk plan exclusively to Phuketwan after a lively meeting with honorary consuls that saw high fares and plenty of better ideas debated.
Taming Phuket's Tuk-Tuks: What the Governor Plans to Do Next

Phuket Jet-Ski Scammers 'Rip Off 150,000 Baht'
Patong Rip Offs Tourists are scammed of 150,000 baht as the meeting between honorary consuls and the Governor is asked: ''We've had this problem for 10 years. When will it end?''
Phuket Jet-Ski Scammers 'Rip Off 150,000 Baht'

Phuket Tourists Warned of Spiked Drinks Danger
Latest A warning has been given to Phuket tourists after two cases involving alleged tampering with drinks this year have been drawn to the notice of Britain's honorary consul.
Phuket Tourists Warned of Spiked Drinks Danger

Planet Phuket: Pursuit of the Bottom Feeders
Latest Correspondence Readers in Thailand's national English language newspapers get the chance to discuss what Phuket's future should be. Is it even vaguely like Prague?
Planet Phuket: Pursuit of the Bottom Feeders


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It is great to see local Thai people taking action to protect their communities.

We as foreigners have far less impact on what does or does not happen here.

If the local residents can awaken to take action, then there is still hope the tide of self-destruction on Phuket can be turned.

This is the best news for Phuket I've read for quite some time.

Posted by Chris on February 23, 2011 10:12

Saturday June 6, 2020
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