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SALA Phuket, proud of its award-winning workplace values

Phuket Resorts Win National Award for Worker Relations

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
PHUKET: Two Phuket resorts and four well-known retailers have earned national awards for their progressive policies towards involving employees in workplace communications.

The SALA Phuket Resort and Spa and the Mercure Patong Phuket joined Tesco, Big C, Central and Robinson in the awards that came in September from the department of Labor Protection and Welfare.

The Director of Phuket's Labor Protection and Welfare Department, Kittipong Laonipon, said the rewards were well-deserved.

''It's a recogition of good workplace values,'' he told Phuketwan. ''It means these workplaces do encourage loyalty, although other factors also come into consideration when staff decide whether to stay in a job.''

The awards encompass workplace relationships and note that award winners have the kind of structure where staff are able to talk directly to senior managers, where no staff have connections to drugs or crime, and where welfare payments are met.

SALA Phuket enthused in a media release that SALA staff ''demonstrated their ability to work effectively with management in the creation and implementation of policies to advance employee welfare.''

''These policies involved skills training in areas such as fire prevention and fire-fighting, English language, workplace organisation methodology as well as creation of a pleasant working environment for employees.''


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Welldone to all the winners. Great to see a positive role being taken by resorts and shopping centers.

Posted by Graham on October 11, 2011 12:27


When business owners in Thailand stop paying slave-labor wages of 6000 baht a month to their staff while driving around in Mercedes SLKs, I'll start to believe that they have good workplace values and progressive policies. Until then...

Posted by Horatio on October 13, 2011 14:09


Horatio, very stupid generalisation, there are plenty of great employers on the island paying monthly salaries including housing allowances ,service charge, reaching low averages of 18- 20.000.00 plus provident funds,plus private health insurances, free meals and uniforms, whilst driving older cars than some of their employees, rgds, wm

Posted by WM on October 13, 2011 17:09


Would be interesting to know what the trade union for the hotel workers has to say about this award, well earned or not?

Posted by Anonymous on October 16, 2011 12:12


Who care what Thais or Farangs think, the awards have been given. Tough tits. Welldone.

Posted by Graham on October 16, 2011 15:51

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