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When it comes to work, style and character count

How to Win a Job with Courtyard by Marriott

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
THE COURTYARD chain has begun looking for staff for its three new resorts on Phuket.

While the people at Marriott are still a little cagey about opening dates, the marketing is beginning, along with the hiring.

There are a mere 80 employees now so the race is on. By May, the Surin Courtyard of 256 rooms will need 130 staff, by June the Kamala Courtyard of 189 rooms will need 110 staff and by July, the Patong Courtyard of 390 rooms will need 180 staff.

About September, you can expect bright lights anf fireworks as all three resorts open for visitors in earnest.

And in something of an innovation, the huge international brand's local human resources team is taking to the colleges to try to find the right people to become ''associates.''

''Associates'' is what they prefer to call staff, conveying a sense of loyalty and teamwork.

Phuketwan caught up with Noppasorn Siripakdee, Director of HR, Courtyard by Marriott Phuket, at Phuket Polytechnic.

''This is the first time we have joined with the college and we hope it will be a good way forward for the business and the school ,'' she said.

''Why did we choose to come here for the whole day ? Because Phuket Polytechnic College has a lot of programs that support jobs in tourism, so it's good for them to promote their program.

''Where there are some courses that need to be improved, we can offer advice and help to create a curriculum that teaches the students what they have to learn and can use in a real job.

''Some people may need to learn more so they can take the course here to study the theory for three months then try it in practice in one of our resorts for three months.''

It was a chance for both the would-be associates to see what the brand had to offer, and for the Marriott, which oversees 3000 resorts worldwide, to assess the qualities in a new prospect who might be the latest of their tens of thousands of employees.

''I am quite happy with the experience because we can assess the skills base and create brand awareness,'' Khun Noppasorn says. ''Some people think that Marriott is difficult to reach but today, as you can see , that's not true.''

About 1200 candidates were there to test out their level of desirability on a real employer.

''We give everyone a chance,'' Khun Noppasorn adds. ''Experience is less important than attitude. ''It's not just about the ones we choose. They choose us, too.''

Among the benefits of being a Marriott associate is a five-day working week. Language skills training, personality development courses, public speaking, living expenses, health checks, meals at work, and discounts on Marriott accommodation around the world are also among the benefits.

If all this makes it sound as though you're ready to be a Marriott associate, contact the following numbers: / 076 325 726/ Patong / 076 325 000 / Surin / 076 325 726/ Kamala


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I was at the job fair to observe. It's a great career opportunity and the Marriott and Courtyard people are very impressive.

Posted by gemtan on March 19, 2008 11:56

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