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Phuket's Big Buddha: Another of the year's big stories

Phuket in 2008: Phuketwan Editor's Handful

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Editor's Choice: Five 2008 Must Reads

HERE'S the first of our reviews of 2008, a look at different aspects of the culture clash between tourism and Thailand, taking in a variety of perspectives.

These five items have been chosen from more than 600 articles published on Phuketwan in the past 12 months.

Here is our short-list selection, in case you missed them . . .

We run a broad gamut, from topless women to police inaction.

Look for more of the Best of 2008 as we recap the year and cast our eyes forward to 2009.

Thai Tells Tourists: Stay Dressed and Stay Cool
Topless women, crude men. Rude, ignorant foreigners. The Thais of Phuket tolerate a lot. Now one frustrated Thai woman has told what she really thinks, and her advice is worth taking.
Thai Tells Tourists: Stay Dressed and Stay Cool

Phuket Lifesaving Gets Big Kick Up The Bum
Tight swimsuits and lashings of sunscreen mark the introduction of the surf lifesaving culture to Patong beach at Phuket's First Surf Lifesaving Carnival. Go save a life. Photo Album
Surf Lifesaving Gets Big Kick Up The Bum

Secrets of a Vegetarian Muslim Warrior
Confronting to the senses, challenging to logic, Phuket's Vegetarian Festival is a memorable experience. Possessed by spirits, the warriors perform amazing deeds. A Muslim link is yet another surprise.
Secrets of a Vegetarian Muslim Warrior

Tsunami Warnings Do Not Work: Governor
The annual tsunami practice drill along the Andaman coast sparked criticism in two provinces. The disaster took place in 2004. How much longer before there is a warning system that works?
Tsunami Warnings Do Not Work, Says Governor

Motorcycle Muggers: Police Ignore Parents' Plea
Riding home on Phuket from a late night celebration, a young expat couple are mugged, then severely injured when their motorcycle hits a stone wall. Is this a crime? No, say Patong police.
Motorcycle Muggers: Police Ignore Parents' Plea

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