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Ladies in the bushes are part of the fun at Phuket's Ceramic Kitchen

Phuket Naked Ladies, Perfect Sunday Roast

Friday, December 2, 2011
Ceramic Kitchen Restaurant & Bar, Phuket

Open: 1pm to midnight daily.

Address: Srisoonthorn Road, between the Heroines and Laguna, on the right if you're heading towards Laguna.

Telephone: 076 272151-152, 080 3832610.

Style: Phuket international. Clay walls and thatch roof meet naked ladies and sophisticated sounds. Good for afternoon tea or a big group night out.

Price range: tom yam goong (240 baht); onion bhaji (150 baht); jamie oliver's onions (180 baht); pate (160 baht); texas mega burger (210 baht); cauliflower cheese, main or side (90/180 baht); manzi's seafood platter (210 baht); ceramic kitchen royal game soup (90/170 baht); thomas keller's shrimp in chive cream sauce (260 baht); fish pie (290 baht); the birmingham curry (260 baht); liver bacon and onionc (210 baht); sunday roast ribeye, lamb, pork (250 baht); roast chicken (180 baht); fish of the day (250 baht); water (30 baht); cheese platter (320 baht); english breakfast tea (70 baht); bucket of ice (30 baht); jack daniels (130 baht); heineken (80 baht), draught pitcher (230 baht).

Specialties: Art for eat's sake, with an english edginess.

What Phuketwan says:

One is not supposed to eat with one's mouth open, is one? However, at Ceramic Kitchen, one's jaw does tend to drop as one's eyes catch some astonishing sights. For a start, there are naked women all over the place. All very decorous, mind you, but eating with them takes a bit of adjustment. Or perhaps, given the nature of Ceramic Kitchen, that should read adjestment, for jests are here to be found as easily as tasty food. To stumble in here on a Sunday afternoon as we did is a delight. We thought they were playing a Jack Johnson track but it turned out to be a chap with a great voice in a corner, playing a guitar and performing live. What's the equivalent to a jaw-drop for ears? Ceramic Kitchen is full of surprises, and all of them pleasant. The lamb roast brought as thumbs up, so did the duck larb, the fish 'n'chips and the price. This is a restaurant that zips close to the top of our ''Recommend This'' list for food alone. The ambience is purposely casual, with thatch roof and a central open-air garden, filled with eye-catching artworks. Even more striking than the beautiful ceramic objects in a room nearby are two long tables, each capable of seating 20 people. One that we just had to touch has been cut from a single piece of wood. Whether it's an intimate Sunday lunch or a fun dinner for 40, Ceramic Kitchen is different and delightful. Go pat a naked lady.

How to find it: On a straight stretch of road where the speed picks up a bit, best get your passenger to look out for the distinctive clay walls and thatch roof and the naked ladies.

Parking: Turn in, parking close alongside the restaurant.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you.


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Lousy directions. Ever heard of "Google Earth" or "Google Maps"?

Posted by Eric on December 2, 2011 12:26

Editor Comment:

Is the food good there, too?


I followed the directions, Ed:

"On a straight stretch of road where the speed picks up a bit, best get your passenger to look out for the distinctive clay walls and thatch roof and the naked ladies."

I went really quick where the speed picked up a bit and my passenger looked out for the distinctive clay walls and thatch roof and the naked ladies, but I must've been going so fast we missed them.

Went somewhere else instead.

Posted by Eric on December 23, 2011 02:39

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