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Hug for the Islanders as Phuket FC crashes through instead of crashing

Phuket FC Gets Something Back From Bangkok

Monday, June 18, 2012
PHUKET: Call them what you like, last night there was one word that suited FC Phuket, now rebranded Phuket FC: winners.

Whether they're really the ''Islanders'' in the minds of Phuket fans at this stage or the fighting ''Hulks'' or even the timid fly-away ''southern sea kirin'' hardly matters.

When it comes to winners, birds of a feather flock together. And last night's fighting victory - well, there was almost a real fight over seven extra minutes of injury time - was one for the birds, now rebranded the Islanders.

The faithful crowd that turned out at Phuket's home ground, Surakul Stadium in Phuket City, would have liked what they saw from Phuket FC.

Just 15 minutes in, Nene Bi headed home - has that word been rebranded too? No? - a gooooaaal.

Although the equaliser came before half-time, the Hulks, southern sea kirins, Islanders had plenty to be content about when Watcharakorn Klaitin shot truly to put the Phuket team ahead 2-1 at the break.

Bangkok, tenth on the Division One ladder compared to Phuket skulking close to the bottom, threw most everything at Phuket in the second half.

And they won. Even a late free kick couldn't take away the match and the mood.

True to the relationship between the real Bangkok and the real Phuket, the finale was filled with conflicts of one kind or another.

Phuket finished with 10 men, and the fans - the Islander fans for the first time - showed their displeasure over seven minutes of extra time that threatened to give Bangkok the opportunity to score an equaliser.

Coach Milos Joksic could be well pleased. It was the Phuket team's first win at home since October. The sponsors will be happy, the fans will be happy.

Bangkok finally gave Phuket something back.

Islander folk should be well pleased, and looking forward to Phuket FCs next match against bottom-placed Chantaburi at Surakul Stadium next Sunday.


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Yes Yes Yesssssss at last a win and what a great winning goal. The team played much better in the first half than they have played all season and finally looked like a team with the new center midfielder playing a very solid game.
The next two games should also be winnable and exciting with the arrival of bottom of the table who were beaten 7-0 by this Bangkok team, and then the local derby of all derbies with high flying Krabi....we got confused singing the songs a few times not knowing where to put the 'FC' !! before or after Phuket! but all in all what a great sunday afternoon to be an Islander...

Posted by Hulkster on June 19, 2012 12:21

Editor Comment:

You know that song, Hulkster . . . ''You put your FC in, you put your FC out, you pass the ball up forward and you shake their side about . . . ''

Sunday July 5, 2020
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