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Close call at Patong: being lost in translation beats being lost at sea

Patong Surf Carnival and Cleanup: Photo Special

Saturday, July 11, 2009
Phuketwan Photo Album Above

PHUKET'S future safety in the sea is in good hands . . . the hands of dozens of young Thais who turned out today to enjoy the junior Surf Lifesaving carnival in Patong.

On Sunday, the adult event promises to deliver some top competition and a measure of the progress being made as Phuket locals embrace safety in the water.

The man in the shirt that read ''Phuket Lift Guard'' probably needs to find another stenciller. But his heart was definitely in the right place, and his actions were not lost in translation.

As with any big change in culture, the process of introducing and adopting a new concept - the virtues of a lifesaving system - will take time and education.

The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire process, taking to body boards, beach runs and other activities under the watchful supervision of local and international experts in water safety.

Tourists wandered by, stopped, and took in the excitement of the mini-competitions.

On Sunday, the beach in front of Loma Park should be a lively place from the opening ceremony at 9am, all day long.

And while the mini-carnival was taking place, another dramatic transformation also became apparent.

Along Patong beach trundled a large blue grader, with several workers scurrying across the sand, picking up large items of driftwood and other rubbish.

Behind the vehicle, picking up smaller trash, came four female cleaners.

Patong, we could definitely grow to like the New You.

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That shirt must come from the same people who do the signs in supermarkets. The other day I saw ''Jacobs Greek'' wine as well as a computer readout that listed ''Bloccoli.'' Funny, it has always has the opposite effect on me.

Ain't Tinglish wonderful? So glad too to know that the lifts are being well protected.

Posted by Angelfire on July 11, 2009 18:26

Monday July 6, 2020
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