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Chez Bernard is almost on the sand at Patong

Chez Bernard Restaurant No 6, Patong Beach

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Best Restaurant of 2008 contender

Telephone: 081 6770711

Open: 8am-11pm

Address: ''No. 6 Restaurant on the Beach'' was probably the only address you needed to know once. Maybe the mail still reaches there safely.

Style: Idiocyncratic, Gallic.

Price range: Not bad at all for Patong. American breakfast (150 baht) T-bone (250 baht) chicken curry (90 baht) crab (mostly at 100 baht a dish) squid (mostly at 100 baht a dish) noodle dishes (70-80 baht) bbq beef with french fries (150 baht) Singha beer (60/110 baht).

Specialty: Anything with French in it. All the sandwiches here come with french fries. French bread (baguette) with butter and jam (80 baht) And there's french toast with ground pork (80 baht). We especially like the french accent that comes with ''spring rool'' (60 baht).

What Phuketwan says: Chez Bernard is worth visiting as much for the setting as the food. It's basically one big piece of driftwood, leaning around a large tree trunk. The tables and chairs spill out onto the sand, under umbrellas. Bernard can sometimes be seen here, eating an extremely late breakfast, all long blond hair and a classic brown eagle profile. Breakfast will be followed by a smoke and a coffee. Expats who have clearly seen better days and wish there were more of them ahead come here to fill the air with French. While Patong is fast becoming international franchises for a generation of travellers who can't tell the difference between the taste of one country and the other, at least at Chez Bernard there's still a chance you will find some sand in your sandwich.

How to find it: On the beach between Impiana Cabana and the Loma Seafood Centre at Loma Park.

Parking: You'll be lucky. This is Beach Road, Patong, remember.


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Mon cher Bernard,cela fait trois fois que nous venons en thailande et chaque fois avec plaisir aussi nous voudrions venir au 2 mois ou plus est ce que tu pourais nous contacter pour trouver un logement tes sorties en bateau nous manque enormement et la thailande aussi. merci de nous repondre .

Michel et Lucie.

My dear Bernard, that's three times we have in Thailand and also with pleasure every time we would come to two months or more is what you do for us to find shelter your boat trips is greatly missed and also thailand . thank you for answering.

Michael and Lucia.

Posted by Veillet Michel on December 13, 2010 15:43


Across from C&N Hotel, Next to Resturant # 6 is a great bar named Boots & Saddle. Drinks are strong, prices better than most of the bars on Bangla Rd. The Staff are honest, and when I lost my ATM, they helped me with the bank. When I got too drunk, they hired an honest Tuk Tuk who drove me back to my hotel without getting ripped off. I suggest to all, try Boots & Saddle Bar

Posted by Michael on April 8, 2014 10:52


The owner would have to be one of Patong's longest serving expats. I knew him in the 80's and he was famous for never wearing a shirt. His long bushy hair and hippy look hid his age, he must be quite old now. Always a great place for a fresh baguette. Good to hear he's still serving good, well priced food. Spent many afternoons there by the beach. (When Patong was worth visiting)

Posted by Arun Muruga on April 8, 2014 11:14


Well it's August 2014 and I am back in Patong visiting my two favorite places. Chez Bernard and Boots & Saddle Bar. Chez remains the same, excellent. Boots & Saddle now is between C & N Hotel and Mr Goods. Boots & Saddle now offers pool, darts and Nang Massage. I came here with a chronic back injury and Nang Massage who also owns Boots & Saddle Bar fixed what my doctor could not. Thank you Nang Massage, Chez and Boots & Saddle Bar who fed me, fixed me and fixed me again.

See you all again in October.

love you

Posted by MICHAEL on August 15, 2014 17:52


Can somebody confirm that Bernard is still there,I do hope so since this is the place we love to come since 14 years Phuket,Bernard si tu lis ces lignes mer??i de me donner de vos nouvelles,mes amiti??s Philippe le Belge client depuis 15 ans.

Posted by Khun Philippe on August 24, 2014 00:36

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